Islamic State Nuclear Weapons: ISIS ‘Infinitely’ Closer To Obtaining Nukes From Pakistan To Smuggle Into U.S.

The Islamic State claims that it could have nuclear weapons in as little as a year, thanks to corrupt Pakistan officials. In a recent article published in the terror group’s magazine, Dabiq, the militants claim that they are “infinitely” closer to securing nuclear weapons that would be used against the United States and smuggled by boat or land onto American soil.

The Express Tribune reports that Islamic State officials are boasting in a recent article in the terrorist group’s magazine titled The Perfect Storm that they are increasingly closer to obtaining nuclear weapons from Pakistan. The group claims to have “billions” in bank accounts that would be used to secure nuclear weapons.

The article was attributed to the British hostage John Cantlie and says that the group plans to be “the most explosive Islamic movement the modern world has ever seen” in less than 12 months. The group says they currently have access to “tanks, rocket launchers, missile systems, and anti-aircraft systems.” However, they quickly changed the focus to future ambitious plans of getting a hold of nuclear weapons thanks to corrupt Pakistani officials.

“Let me throw a hypothetical operation onto the table. The Islamic State has billions of dollars in the bank, so they call on their wilāyah in Pakistan to purchase a nuclear device through weapons dealers with links to corrupt officials in the region.”

The Islamic State says that obtaining such a weapon would be the “sum of all fears for Western intelligence agencies.” If the Islamic State can not get their hands on nuclear weapons, they do have an apparent backup plan. The publication notes that “a few thousand tons of ammonium nitrate explosive” is “easy enough” to make and could be used in the wake of nukes.

According to the Daily Mail, the Islamic State is wanting to do “something big.” They want their next attack to be on such a large scale that it would make any previous attempts look like a “squirrel shoot.”


“They’ll be looking to do something big, something that would make any past operation look like a squirrel shoot, and the more groups that pledge allegiance the more possible it becomes to pull off something truly epic.”

The Islamic State appears hopeful that in the next 12 months they will have a good foothold in the United States and the Western world.

“As the territory of the Islamic State crosses from one border to another like a wildfire that is burning out of control, it’ll be only a matter of time before the Islamic State reaches the western world.”

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ Gokhan Sahin]