March Against Monsanto 2015: Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Protest Against GMOs In Over 400 Cities

This weekend, Monsanto will be in the limelight as hundreds of thousands of people in over 400 cities protest against them in the annual March Against Monsanto. Similar to the event back in 2014 and the year before that, people are concerned that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are corporately forced upon the population despite the lack of long-term testing for safety.

Speaking of long-term testing for safety, many independent studies have shown GMOs to be dangerous in one way or another. Without delving into detail for each study, it is probably best to utilize the question the organic company usually asks. Should a company that specializes in a product meant to kill mess around with nature’s food?

Sadly for the protesters, Monsanto is actually becoming more powerful with each passing year despite being outed for their practices. According to VICE News, Monsanto is in the midst of merge negotiations with Syngenta, the world’s leading pesticide manufacturer. If said merger is finalized, it would yield a single agribusiness that controls a third of the world’s seed and pesticide market.

Despite their position as one of the most hated organizations in the world, Monsanto wants to make it clear they have an “open dialogue” with people about food and agriculture. Monsanto also says they are committed to helping farmers have a “smaller impact on the environment.” This was all confirmed by a unnamed spokesperson for Monsanto.

“We know people have different points of view on these topics, and it’s important that they’re able to express and share them.”

The sudden switch to hearing out the general population is in accordance that anti-GMO supporters and organic communities are organizing via the internet, ergo how March Against Monsanto was so successful. Not only that, but some individuals in the anti-GMO and/or organic communities are making smart moves against GMOs. How Moms Across America was ingenious in having their voice heard against GMOs towards the company synonymous with them: by becoming stockholders.

Finally, those against Monsanto are gaining star power. While Monsanto has Hillary Clinton, organic communities and anti-GMO groups have Neil Young, as reported by Rolling Stone. Apparently, Young is writing a new album that he jokingly suggested would title it The Monsanto Years since he made it within the past two years, a time in which he rallied against the GMO company. Looks like March Against Monsanto now has a soundtrack!

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