Stevie Wonder and Keith Urban Appear In Jason Derulo’s New Single ‘Broke’

Following his latest spectacular stage appearance with John Legend at the Music Hall of Fame event in Cleveland, Stevie Wonder is once again proving that older means wiser. Keith Urban’s recent team effort with Eric Church, shows that he no stranger to the contemporary scene either. So Keith and Stevie’s decision to feature on Jason Derulo’s “Broke,” came of no surprise but the fact that Keith Urban chose to stay in the background of this song, is something truly new for him.

In Derulo’s song “Broke,” Urban plays guitar and banjo, with Stevie Wonder on harmonica. The song’s hip hop sound and racy lyrical message is clearly of no concern to the two musicians. Rolling Stone has considered the song “a hip-hop tribute to sitting back, getting stoned and avoiding the rat race.” But all of these artists are clearly still in the rat race. For Stevie Wonder and Keith Urban, it’s making sure that their old albums continue to sell to a new audience.

Both artists have been known to collaborate over the years for another purpose; remaining relevant. Stevie Wonder specifically has used collaborations for ‘cultural relevance,’ in an age that does not appreciate soul music as much as in the 60’s and 70’s when Wonder was most popular as AXS recently mentioned. Keith Urban on the other hand, has kept up with the modern age of music lovers in another way.

Keith joined the judge panel of formally popular music reality show American Idol, knowing that it would cause a boost in sales and keep his face in the public eye. What’s more, his presence on the show and participation in the American Idol Country music catalog, has been said to single-handedly influenced what has be called the “country format.” Despite the competing country music competitions on television, Idol has set the standard for what a country star should be with Keith Urban in the forefront of that image.

Veterans are not the only artists that have to prove themselves. Apparently Jason Derulo has be striving for a while to establish himself altogether. Going from a pop-centric song to more of an urban one, Derulo may have finally gotten it right. His last hits like, “Trumpets” and “Wiggle,” have been his most popular songs to date. Jason Derulo’s “Broke” featuring Keith Urban and Stevie Wonder is the first single from Jason’s new album “Everything is 4.” Other guests on the album are rumored to be Meghan Trainor and Jennifer Lopez. Jason Derulo’s album will release on June 2.

[Images via Rolling Stone]