Who Is Kupah James Of ABC’s ‘The Bachelorette’ 2015 Season With Kaitlyn Bristowe?

Kupah James is one of the bachelors vying for Kaitlyn Bristowe’s final rose this spring on ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season. He definitely caught the attention of viewers during the premiere, but will he manage to catch the ongoing attention of Bristowe? Fans are curious to learn more about Kupah and how he factors into the rest of this season.

James’ profile for ABC shares that he’s a 32-year-old entrepreneur from Boston, Massachusetts. According to Reality Steve‘s spoilers for the season, Kupah went to Curry College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2004 after attending Haverhill High School.

After college, James founded an athletic apparel company called Urban KINETIKS, and he started doing some motivational speaking and mentoring. In 2005, Kupah created Klass Universal Entertainment, and his company provides DJ entertainment for parties. He notes that he aims to become Boston’s best source of party entertainment, and he has performed at a number of high-profile events.

From the looks of his website, this Bachelorette contestant is confident and has big aspirations. His entertainment company has been involved with events featuring Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Boston Red Sox, Donald Trump, and the New England Patriots. He’s received quite a bit of recognition for his efforts in the Boston area, and he’s got plenty more on his agenda yet to accomplish.

As for Kupah’s background, he notes that he was raised by a single mom in Haverhill, Massachusetts. His family dealt with racism and poverty, but he pushed through the challenges and now he puts in quite a bit of time to help youth overcome their challenges. While it seems he’s done a fair amount of traveling, James is definitely a Massachusetts guy and has family, business, and deep roots in the community.

This Bachelorette contestant says that he’d love to have lunch with his hometown icon, Mark Wahlberg, and he loves David Guetta, DMX, and Eminem. He greatly admires his mother and he finds the most happiness in being close to his loved ones.

Just how long does Kupah James last on ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season? Reality Steve‘s spoilers indicate that he butts heads early on with Kaitlyn Bristowe, but fans will have to see just how it all plays out as the season marches toward that big final rose.

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