Twerking Party At Family-Friendly Resort Sparks Outrage And Condemnation

When it comes to the fine and rather provocative art of “twerking,” which basically involves gyrating one’s buttocks in time with music, everyone has their own opinion, but when a twerking party takes place at a supposedly family-friendly amusement park, that’s a whole different story.

The party, which was a charity event, took place last Saturday at the Clementon Park and Splashworld in Clementon, Camden County, and footage taken by a partygoer shows women shaking their booty, despite the fact there were kids around.

While local residents and park officials were quick to condemn the actions of the twerkers, not everyone was so upset by it — like Klarque Bishop from Sicklerville, who told reporters, “I think it’s okay to have a good time but that’s a children’s park.”

While Bishop felt the twerking event was inappropriate, there were others who found it downright distasteful and even offensive.

Like Courtney Ferris, also from Sicklerville, who said, “It’s explicit and disgusting. It’s inappropriate and I would never allow my kids to go there.”

A spokesperson for the park released a statement, saying the following.

“I would like to start off by saying that we rented our park to a production company for what we thought was a good cause. This was the first time that this event was held at our venue, and the first time we had been approached by the production company. The production company was responsible for all advertising, promotion, and ticket sales and ticket distribution for the event.”

At the same time, the spokesperson added that park officials were as appalled as anyone else by the twerking party.

“Clementon Park and Splash World does not tolerate such behavior in our Park and will never allow this event, or any such like event, to take place in our venue again.”

While the whole affair seems to be one of bad taste, no calls were made to the police and no action is to be taken against the twerkers or the people who filmed them.

There were no calls to police during the party and no charges were filed.

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