Robert Pattinson’s Female Friend Flashes Breasts To Distract The Paparazzi [Video]

Robert Pattinson has the most loyal female friend a guy can have. In order to protect the Twilight star from the paparazzi, one of Rob’s pals distracted the photogs by flashing her breasts in front of their cameras.

Unfortunately, her Girls Gone Wild moment had the opposite of its intended effect to take attention away from Robert Pattinson — now the video is getting tons of buzz because of her breasts. Gossip Cop shared a censored version of the blurry video, which you can see below. Rob is wearing the dark hat and ducking his head.

Hopefully the girl is comfortable with the idea of a paparazzo (or possibly multiple paparazzi) being in possession of video/photos of her bare breasts.

Pattinson and his pals were reportedly trying to sneak into the New York night club Escuelita, which Gossip Cop describes as a “gay hot spot.” His confident female friend tried to convince the paparazzi that she was more worthy of being photographed than Rob by flashing her breasts and bragging about her good looks.

“Wait, take a picture of me. I’m so cute,” she can be heard saying in the video.

The young woman is a lot more comfortable with the paparazzi than Robert Pattinson’s fiancee is. During a 2014 interview with the Guardian, FKA twigs talked about how tough it is being in love with the Twilight star. According to the singer, she had to ask herself if being with Rob was worth being hounded by the paparazzi everywhere she went.

“I had to sit back and have a conversation with myself and I had to say: that is something really horrible. No, not horrible, I don’t find it horrible, it’s something that’s very challenging,” FKA twigs revealed. “I look uncomfortable because I am uncomfortable. But then it’s, like, is this person in my life worth that? And he is, without question.”

However, it sounds like Robert Pattinson’s bride-to-be is having a tougher time dealing with his picture-snapping parasites these days. As the Inquisitr previously reported, FKA twigs recently said that the attention from the paparazzi and obsessed Twilight fans makes her feel like harming herself.

“It’s really hard — I can’t begin to explain how awful it is… It makes you want to just stop everything sometimes. It makes you want to smash your face into the mirror.”

If the attention ever becomes so difficult to deal with that she decides to leave Robert Pattinson, perhaps the Twilight star should consider asking his breast-flashing friend in the video out — she’s clearly comfortable in front of the cameras.

[Image credit: Larry Busacca/Getty]