Ellen DeGeneres ‘Strips’ On ‘Letterman’ Show, Dances Nude And Plays Harp

Ellen DeGeneres has a very creative — and erotic — way of saying goodbye to David Letterman; take a guess. Here’s the answer in a nutshell: Ellen strips down for the outgoing longtime master of the Late Show, according to an ET report. And by the way, she does it for Letterman in a creative, yet whimsical way that only the daytime comedy queen can deliver.

Hold your horses, ehem, harps; this one may get shaky along the way. Ahead of his retirement, many celebrities and friends of Dave stopped by and said their goodbyes, while others paid tribute to Letterman from afar.

Whether it was Tina Fey stripping down to her Spanx and gifting her dress to David, or George Clooney handcuffing himself to the boss to prevent him from retiring, they were all unique. Arguably, Ellen took top prize when she stripped for Letterman. Well, it didn’t actually happen; it was simply another one of her famous green-screen mash-ups.

Ellen appeared from behind “the curtain” with the help of some pretty cool camera trickery after a throw-back of Dave introduced the comic to assist him with his “Top 10 Things That Have Been on Ellen DeGeneres’ Mind Lately” list.

And without warning, DeGeneres, on the fake Late Night set, stripped off her clothing to reveal her undies (they were pink). She tossed her top onto David’s head and her bottoms landed on Paul Shaffer’s bald noggin. It was an instant classic. Then, she segued into a musical number.

“Now that everyone knows I can dance, I should show them how well I can play the harp.”

She shook her money-maker and made it rain in applause for a job well done. And one more by the way: Ellen looked amazing. In the end, it was all tongue-in-cheek, but an instant classic nonetheless. Eat your heart out Chelsea Handler.

Ellen stripped for Letterman — sort of — but left some parting words before she signed off.

“I’m gonna miss you, Dave. You’re a brilliant man and you’ve been an inspiration to me. If you ever want me to strip for you again, just call me.”

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]