Breast Cancer Patient Said Watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Saved Her Life

An Israeli woman was experiencing a life-threatening illness and she didn’t even realize it until she watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

According to Yahoo! News, Sarit Fishbaine said that watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy might have saved her life.

Originally, about two years ago, Fishbaine went to a specialist who cleared her and said although her breasts were “lumpy,” she didn’t have anything to worry about.

After watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, she decided the condition on the show mirrored her own too much and received a second opinion. The woman explained, “I was 34 years old, healthy and nursing my third child — any lumpiness, [the doctor] said, was probably due to milk collecting in one area of the breast and the issue would likely subside once I stopped nursing.”

On that particular episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “a young mom arrives at Seattle Grace Hospital for a mastectomy after her breast cancer had been mistaken for milk collecting in her breast. I couldn’t fall asleep that night — it felt like a huge warning sign.”

Fishbaine went to get a second opinion following the episode, and instead of being dismissed, the doctor came in and said that she must get an urgent mammogram as well as a biopsy. Soon that nagging feeling turned into a reality when they discovered that she had Stage 3 breast cancer, which had spread to her lymph nodes.

Although Fishbaine catching the episode of Grey’s Anatomy could have been just a coincidence, she sees it as divine intervention. “I started six months of chemo right away and after that I had surgery, I had a mastectomy and then I had radiation therapy so I got the full package. I love ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and I love watching TV and I think God works in mysterious ways and that watching that TV show was probably my sign.”

The story went viral so fast that even creator Shonda Rhimes got wind of it. For once, Rhimes was speechless as she shared Fishbaine’s story with her followers. Rhimes shared the story on her personal Facebook account and simply said, “Humbling..”

[Image via ABC]