Colorado Woman Accused Of Chewing Off Man’s Ear Before Trying To Stab Him

A Colorado woman has been arrested after police say she chewed off part of a man’s ear. KOAA News reports that Jade August Gurley is accused of trying to stab an unnamed male victim, but she did more damage than simply scaring the man while wielding a blade. He’s been permanently disfigured in an attack that has her facing multiple charges.

Authorities say that Gurley chewed off a quarter-sized chunk from the ear of the man before attempting to stab him while chasing him with a knife. The Colorado woman cornered him in a motel room on the 1400 block of South Nevada Ave., in Colorado Springs. Fortunately the man was not injured in the stabbing attempt, but he was hospitalized and treated for the horrendous injury that resulted from being bitten. Authorities released a statement about the incident:

“The missing portion of the ear was recovered, as well. Unfortunately it could not be reattached.”

So pretty much, the unidentified victim in this case will have to either get plastic surgery to fix the disfigurement, or he will have to live with a huge part of his ear missing. No reports are sharing what charges Jade Gurley faces, but Fox 31 News reports that she is still in jail following the incident. There are no published clarifications regarding the relationship between Gurley and her alleged victim.

This isn’t the first time a woman has bitten off someone’s body parts. In fact, this isn’t even the first case of a woman biting off a man’s ear. Last year a Michigan woman named Danielle Nebelung bit her boyfriend’s ear off during a domestic squabble. Just last week she was sentenced in that case, but avoided jail time. Nebelung must complete anger management classes while on probation. Also, just this year a woman was arrested in Oklahoma after she reportedly tried to gnaw off her boyfriend’s private parts.

Hopefully, Jade Gurley’s alleged victim can recovery without too much emotional or mental trauma. It’s an undoubtedly scary experience to have your ear bitten off and then to be chased and threatened with a knife. If all of these details are true and the Colorado woman is convicted, then it’s hopeful that she seeks some kind of help to deal with her anger. Either way, the details surrounding why she attacked the man aren’t known at this time. What is known is that she’s very lucky that she did not stab the man, or her charges would have been far more severe.

Photo: Colorado Springs Police Mugshot