Horror Strikes As Mexican Boy, 7, Eaten Alive By Crocodile As Father Looks On Helplessly

Horror strikes as a 7-year-old Mexican boy was eaten alive by a crocodile while playing in a river with his father. It happened so suddenly that his father and witnesses could do nothing but watch helplessly in horror as the boy was taken away, according to Daily Mail.

A father – whose name has not been released to the public – decided to spend the day with his son, Manuel Abraham, at the Barra Santa Ana Estuary, Mexico. The two were enjoying their day until the balloon Manuel was playing with landed on the river bank.

As he went to retrieve it, a crocodile came out of nowhere and locked his jaws around Manuel’s head and neck. The boy’s father turned around just in time to see his son inside of the crocodile’s mouth.

The father, as well as those who were at the river, frantically ran to the boy’s aide but it was too late. By the time they made it to the river bank, the crocodile had submerged underwater, taking the little boy with him.

Shocked that he had just witnessed his son being eaten alive by a crocodile, he called for Mexican police officials to help search for his son. But upon their arrival, his body still hadn’t shown up. Mexican police had no other choice but to call in the military, fishermen, and the civil protection group to help find the boy.

Police officials hoped that they would find the boy’s remains by nightfall, but they were unsuccessful – there was no trace of him.

The father was extremely distraught over the incident and stated that he had no knowledge of crocodiles even being in the city of Lazaro Cardenas, otherwise he would been more cautious or wouldn’t have gone to the river at all.

This is the eigth crocodile attack the Bara Santa Ana Estuary had within two years.

As a result of that, Heberto Camacho, who is with the civil protection group, told reporters that they now have permission from Environment Ministry to cut open every crocodile they encounter to locate the boy’s remains.

City officials will continue to search for Manuel Abraham’s body until it is found.

[Image courtesy of Joe Raedle/Getty Images]