‘Beauty And The Beast’ Season 3 Spoilers: Kristin Kreuk Dishes On Vincent And Cat

Beauty and the Beast fans were ready for the return of the series to CW on Thursday, but a delay pushed the Season 3 premiere back to June 11. However, there are new Beauty and the Beast spoilers out for all the loyal beasties out there.

Kristin Kreuk has been dishing with the press about the upcoming season, and she revealed the new challenges that Vincent and Cat will face when the show returns next month.

Spoiler TV shared a video interview from TV Line featuring Kreuk and gave fans a lot more to go on for the new Beauty and the Beast season.

“Vincent and Catherine are super-happy. They’re together; they haven’t been facing many problems. Gabe’s gone, [and] everything is roses and butterflies and it’s perfect … except that Catherine has been [in secret] communicating with the DHS about these potential other super-powered or beast-like creatures. They can’t figure it out. She comes to believe that they have a greater destiny and purpose, her and Vincent. They need to go after these whatever-they-are.”

Kreuk did reveal more about the season in the video as well. Fans will see more of Heather this season. She is back as a regular part of the series.

This was not the first time she has shared new details about the upcoming season with the media. TV Guide shared some comments Kristin Kreuk made earlier this month too.

Many fans have wanted to find out when Vincent will ask Cat to marry him. A video preview for the premiere showed Vincent with a ring. Kreuk revealed more about the big moment for the couple to TV Guide.

“There will be a proposal. It will happen very quickly and it sets the stage for the season, [which is] about their relationship moving forward and what it will take for them to get either a wedding or whatever they want. Essentially, ‘the Beasties’ will be very happy with certain things.”

However, the couple will face new challenges as well. Vincent will move in with Catherine, and this will cause his beast side some issues. Kreuk did reveal some more about that issue for the couple.

“[Living together] brings up stuff for Vincent. It’s outside of his logical, conscious mind and more of a primitive [issue]. They have to deal with that and how they define their relationship if it’s not in the context of bad guys. How do they exist? Can they be normal and will they be fulfilled that way?”

The CW has already picked up this series for Season 4, so fans have no worries on that front. This series has a loyal fan following that has definitely helped it stay on the air. Beauty and the Beast will return to CW with Season 3 on June 11.

[Photo by The CW]