Drew Barrymore Flashed David Letterman But Has No Regrets

Drew Barrymore says she and David Letterman have great chemistry, and it’s all because she flashed him 20 years ago. It was April 12, 1995 (David Letterman’s birthday!), and Drew was a guest on CBS’ The Late Show. Barrymore insists her little striptease wasn’t planned. It was an in-the-moment kind of thing. Drew says she had “a crazy notion” and she hopped onto the desk, danced for David, and topped it all off by lifting her top.

“Oh my god,” said a stunned Letterman

Yeah, Drew Barrymore did that! Drew says she thought David was a too serious kind of guy and wanted to help him out with that.

“It always struck me as what a serious guy he was,” Barrymore says. “However, when I had the crazy notion to dance on that man’s desk… he had a great sense of humor. It was a weird spontaneous moment. He went with it. He let everyone know it was OK to let it be joyous and silly and fun.”

David liked his birthday gift.

“You know, I can’t thank you enough for that,” the birthday boy said.

When Drew was back on the show 12 years later, Letterman thought he’d try for another dance on the desk.

Hoping for a repeat performance, Letterman acknowledged Barrymore’s upcoming birthday, adding coyly, “You know, I’ve got a birthday coming up as well.”

There’s apparently something about David Letterman and his show that make women want to take their clothes off. It all started with the Drew Barrymore dance, but the #striptease has continued, right up to the last show (that airs tonight at 11:35 on CBS). Along the way, Courtney Love, Kathy Griffin, Tina Fey and Ellen Degeneres all did their bit, although none of the others had the Drew effect!

Kathy Griffin and Ellen both needed help from David Letterman to manage their unwieldy zipper, and Courtney Love was inebriated at the time.

Tina Fey had a different goal in mind, rather than Drew Barrymore’s party time fun. Fey wanted to make sure David knew how tough it is for women to always get the look right when they’re dressing up. She had a spanx demonstration in mind. But she also wanted to say good-bye to Letterman, and when it all came off, it turned out her spanx had front and back messages. The front said “Bye Dave!” and the back had #LastDressEver.

Drew Barrymore won’t be flashing David on the show tonight, but she has no regrets. Drew is one of many who know that late night television is losing a great host and a talk show icon.

[Image via EOnline]