'Fart Symphony': Man Records Own Toots For Brother, Makes Magical Music [Video]

There's nothing quite like brotherly love, and for Reddit user "lozzobear" -- also known as Loz or Laurence -- his own brother's decision to move saddened him. Touched him. Inspired him, even.

And so, naturally, to show his brother just how much he was missed, Loz began to record his own farts and send them to him.

"My brother moved away from town, and I was missing him. So I started texting him farts to let him know I love him. This would have been in the first dozen or so, but the second it came out I knew it was special," Loz wrote.

The special "it" Loz is referring to is a particular burst of flatulence that sounded extraordinary. In fact, within the short gaseous burst, Loz smelled the first hint of musical inspiration. In fact, this particular fart, which Loz worries may be the greatest fart he will ever accomplish, the rest of his toots seemed "incredibly pedestrian" next to it.

So what makes this particular fart so special?

It's a fart that actually contains seven distinct tones, and when the recording of the noise is slowed down, it becomes evident that the fart is actually a "major seventh arpeggio in B flat with an incidental at the end."

One Loz made that realization, it was only a matter of time before he added the sounds of fluttering flutes to highlight his magestic, natural music, and then of course, he uploaded it to YouTube. Who wouldn't?

Loz's self-proclaimed "Fart Symphony," which he also terms his "Magnum Anus" became an instant internet sensation. The video takes you through the creation of the symphony -- beginning with the simple, unadorned sound of the fart when it was first recorded, and becoming increasingly more elaborate until it becomes the Fart Symphony.

The video of the Fart Symphony is overladen with flashes of wit, referring to the "music" as Loz's "rectum opus," with Loz adding that he fears his best work is behind him.

Not much is known about the man behind the fart, except that he does has a background in music -- obviously -- and is a member of the Melbourne, Australia band called Shonky Brothers.

Listen to the video of the Fart Symphony below, and let us know -- do you think it's funny, or does it just plain stink?

If sharing your own flatulaence with a loved one, as Loz sought to do, doesn't strike you as strange, no worries -- there is actually an app for that. For more on how you can pass your own gas along, click here.[Image via pixgood.com]