Justin Bieber May Be Dating Jayde Pierce But Selena Gomez Was Always Over It

It’s alleged Justin Bieber is on the outs with Selena Gomez because she is “totally done” with him after seeing pics of her ex-boyfriend hanging out with British model Jayde Pierce.

It’s an odd claim, given that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s on-off relationship ended a whole eight months ago. Since then, the 22-year-old actress-singer was snapped holding hands with German producer-DJ Zedd at Golden Globes after-parties, and captioned Zedd as the “Harry to my Sally” in one of the many Instagrams she posted of them. For months, both Gomez and Zedd gave the distinct public impression that they were a couple.

Despite this, numerous gossip sites have demonstrated in countless, provably false stories that they have no intention of ever letting the ghost of Jelena go. Why? That’s easy. Justin Bieber’s and Selena Gomez’s names in headlines drives traffic to websites.

Meanwhile, Bieber has repeatedly said that he is single. That may have changed. Over the weekend, the 21-year-old was spotted shopping and dining with model and make-up artist YouTuber Jayde Pierce, in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

The next day (Sunday, May 16), the pair hiked at Runyon Canyon where they took selfies and Pierce filmed Snapchat clips.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: The Biebs hanging out with Jayde Pierce in Runyon Canyon on Sunday, May 17)

Later, the couple were snapped enjoying shaved ice treats during a stroll in a Beverly Hills park, then hung out poolside at the nearby Montage Hotel. They went to a Penthouse Day Club soiree later in West Hollywood. On Monday, the Biebs and Pierce recorded a playful Snapchat posted by the 19-year-old model, then at a Los Angeles recording studio hours later. The pair went to the same studio the following night.

It is unclear whether Jayde and Justin are dating. Nevertheless, disgraced rumormongers Hollywood Life insist a “source” revealed their hangout prompted Gomez to conclude that Bieber “blew it.”

It’s claimed that, “When she confronted him on the phone about his mind games, he gave the lame excuse of being so busy in the studio.”

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber and Jayde Pierce hanging out in Beverly Hills on Sunday, May 17)

The imaginary “source” adds, “Now that she has seen the pics of Justin and Jayde, she’s convinced that he absolutely has not changed.”

“Maybe he doesn’t hang out with his troublemaker friends anymore, but when it comes to relationships and how to treat women, he doesn’t have a clue,” the fabricated insider went on.

In classic Hollywood Life fashion, the blog builds a premise for its alleged Jelena drama by claiming Gomez was under the impression Bieber wanted to get back together. The basis for this? Bieber’s Met Gala after party public shout-out to his ex-girlfriend, when he publicly declared “Selena looked gorgeous” at the May 4 NYC event.

Riding that simple compliment all the way to the bank, the site previously alleged one of its “sources” revealed Bieber began texting Gomez 24/7 to try and convince her to reunite.

“Justin used to do this, he used to totally get to Selena by making her jealous,” an alleged source obligingly explains, adding that the heartthrob begged to see the starlet in L.A. “But she’s over it. She’s totally done, he blew it.”

They add, “She still can’t figure out why he came on so strong at the Met, only to blow her off. She asked why he made it seem like he was still so into her.”

Apparently, Gomez “told him she felt disrespected, taken advantage of and toyed with.”

It goes without saying that this so-called “insider” either doesn’t actually exist, or their intel is dubious.

In addition to topping Gossip Cop’s “Worst Outlet for Celebrity Journalism” report back in November, Hollywood Life has been slammed for fabricating stories about Gomez, the model Hailey Baldwin, the teen singer Austin Mahone, and the mother of Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello, among others.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin and Jayde visiting a gym in West Hollywood on Wednesday, May 20)

Notably, reputable media outlets with access to actual sources, including the E! network, US Weekly, CNN’s, Reuters and The Associated Press’ entertainment divisions, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight and others of that level, never cite Hollywood Life’s so-called “sources.” The reasons are self-evident.

Of late, the more discerning among Gomez and Bieber’s fans appear to be aware who the fiction writers are in the rumormill.

In closing: Justin Bieber may or may not be dating Jayde Pierce and Selena Gomez might or might not be “furious” over photographs of them, or her ex-sweetheart in general. But, a blog like Hollywood Life, which knowingly dumps risible “exclusives” into the news cycle on a daily basis, cannot credibly claim to know one way or the other.

[Images via AKM-GSI/Instagram]