Bravo Star Kim Richards’ Ex-Fiance’s Murderer Issues Apology

Bravo star Kim Richards recently told Dr. Phil that not a day goes by that she doesn’t think of her murdered fiancé, John Collett, and while the memory of Collett will forever be in her mind, she may have recently gained a new outlook on the situation.

According to a May 19 report by Radar Online, Marva DeCarlo Johnson recently issued an apology to the Collett family, as well as to the Bravo star, for taking their loved on from them many years ago.

“Thank you for the opportunity presented to me to express my most sincere remorse to Mr. Collett and his family, to speak about my past, present, and future. First of all, I want to apologize to Mr. Collett’s family, and they’re not present, so I’m hoping that you accept that. I highly regret every moment of this crime. I wish there was some way I could undo the pain, the trauma, the anguish that have come through my grave actions. I am deeply sorry.”

Collett was engaged to be married to the Bravo star when he was shot by Johnson at a deli in Los Angeles. Richards later identified the body.

“[Through] all of this time of my life incarcerated, I have looked back and realize the damage I caused by my bad decision. In the process, I have affected the following lives, Mr. Collett’s family, his wife or fiancé, his children, his brothers, sisters, and parents, on the other hand, my family and my community.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Bravo star was arrested last month after getting drunk at the Beverly Hills Hotel and becoming a disruption to guests. At the time, according to an Us Weekly report, the Bravo star was under the influence of not just alcohol, but also “a controlled substance, and toluene,” an inhalant.

Although the Bravo star didn’t say Collett’s murder had a direct link to her alcoholism, it is certainly a possibility, as that sort of ordeal would be traumatic for anyone — especially after having to identify her former fiancé’s body.

During her visit to the Beverly Hills Hotel, Richards reportedly had a number of drinks before being cut off by the bartender, much to her dismay. After becoming irate, Richards was asked to leave, and police were called to remove her.

The Bravo star is due in court on June 11 to address charges, including public intoxication, resisting an officer and battery on an officer.

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