‘Captain America: Civil War’ Funeral — Who Died? — Plus Chris Evans, Frank Grillo On Set [Photos]

A Captain America: Civil War funeral was filmed on Monday and more photos of Chris Evans walking on set have surfaced.

Marvel is moving full steam ahead with its production of the sequel, Captain America: Civil War and we now know someone dies, but who? Before moving ahead we must warn you that the following information has SPOILERS, however you already knew that and why would you be reading this if you didn’t want to find out?

Thanks to a photo taken by an extra and posted on Tumblr, we now know the identity of who dies this time around. Unfortunately, despite Marvel’s requests that the image be taken down, it has been shared all over the internet on different social media sites and is now most definitely out there.

As many suspected, it has come to pass. Hayley Atwell returned to reprise her role of Peggy Carter in Captain America: Winter Soldier, but not as the young determined woman who falls in love with Steve Rogers during World War II. Carter is now an old woman who doesn’t have all her faculties about her. Sadly, she is the one who has passed away.

'Captain America: Civil War' funeral
Image via Comic Book Movie

In other images of the Captain America: Civil War funeral, we can see a sad, albeit very handsome Chris Evans putting his love to rest.

Someone tagged me on this important photo of Chris Evans in the Atlanta Civil War set. Thanks, chum. pic.twitter.com/xQ9wOLL94C

— Bim Adewunmi (@bimadew) May 15, 2015

Additionally, we have more Captain America: Civil War set photos showing Chris Evans dressed in his costume. Fans were particularly excited to see the battle between the Captain and Crossbones (Frank Grillo) in the pics.

Despite the sad Captain America: Civil War funeral of Peggy Carter, there are a lot of exciting things to look forward to in this epic sequel, set to open in the U.S. on May 6, 2016. Stay tuned for more news.

[Image via Marvel]