Kim Kardashian Interview: Bruce Jenner Dressed As Her 12 Years Ago? [Video]

With Bruce Jenner’s skeletons being revealed, more seem to surface in a Kim Kardashian interview with Billy Bush. Mrs. West tells him a Jenner secret she’s kept for over a decade.

One day, when Kardashian was in her early twenties, she came home before she was expected. Surprisingly, Kim found Bruce dressed as her, and it shook her to the core. During the interview, Mrs. West quotes as follows.

“I just put my head down, ran into the house, and I remember that I was literally shaking… packing an overnight bag to sleep at Kourtney’s…

… I was like 21 [or] 22. And I just remember thinking, ‘Oh my god. I’ve caught him with a secret.’ He didn’t want me to see this. I just got out of there so fast.

He called me 30 minutes later… I went to Kourtney’s, and I was crying. We were researching it online just to see what, you know… we had no idea what any of this meant or what I saw.

[When Bruce called] He just said, ‘One day, we’ll talk about this. I hope you’re okay.’ And I just said, ‘Is everyone in the house okay?’ And he said, ‘Everyone’s fine. Just… don’t tell anyone’.”

Though it’s said that the family’s okay with Jenner’s transformation, there have been several moments when Kardashian didn’t quite seem like she was absolutely okay with it. An example is when he showed Kim his toes after painting them pink. She said that she was shocked that they actually looked like women’s feet.

So, though she’s supportive, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she approves, correct?

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[Photo Credits: YouTube]