Kim Kardashian’s Twitter Shows That Dr. Kanye West Is An Incredible Husband

Kim Kardashian’s Twitter shows that her spouse, Dr. Kanye West, is an incredible husband. Since Kim tweets from her own Twitter page, you know it’s authentic.

Like every couple, Kimye has ups and downs as well. However, all in all, they both have much love for each other, and Kim isn’t afraid to let the world know about it via social media accounts, especially Twitter.

Recently, she tweeted that her spouse, newly known as Dr. Kanye West, is the best husband ever. However, Kim West also made several other supporting updates before and afterwards.

For Mother’s Day, Kanye focused on his wife, calling her “the best mother in the world.”

After Kimye celebrated the special holiday, Kardashian’s husband was presented with a degree — but not just any degree. From the Art Institute of Chicago, “Doctor” West received an honorary doctorate degree in fine arts. And in that moment as well, Mrs. West took to her Twitter account to let the world know her husband’s accomplishments.

During the ceremony, Yeezy (Kanye) stated that he’s not usually a person who’s nervous about anything. However, that particular situation actually had his nerves up. Likewise, he talked about it during his acceptance speech.

And as you can see from her Twitter page, Kardashian is extremely proud of her spouse. There could be more reason to boast about him to come. Currently, there’s rumor that she’s finally pregnant with their second child, a boy — possibly. Do you think it’s true?

What do you think about Kimye as a couple? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: Jason Merritt / Getty Images Entertainment]