Rumer Willis ‘DWTS’ Injury: Will She Push Through?

Rumer Willis DWTS

Rumer Willis has a tough battle coming up. Two tough battles, actually. Rumer has to dance her way to the top with partner Val Chmerkovskiy in the Dancing with the Stars final Monday night, and she has to dance injured!

Rumer and Val danced Swan Lake in week nine of DWTS (for a perfect score of 30) and in the ballet world, Swan Lake is famously punishing, lovely to look at and so hard to dance. Willis and Chmerkovskiy’s “mad” and “brilliant” Judge’s Choice routine was just as difficult, filled with challenging lifts and dig-deep choreography, but all that hard work did a number on Rumer’s rib bones. They’re bruised and giving her a lot of trouble. Val gave Rumer a big shout out on Instagram for her “strength and courage.”

people will never know the strength and courage that it took… @ruelarue #dwts #finals #earnednotgiven

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Rumer Willis strength and courage

DWTS practice is hard and she needs a lot of breaks. Rumer Willis is tough though, and she’s pushing through finals rehearsals even when the pain gets to her and Val tries to get her to go to a doctor. Rumer doesn’t want to let her partner down.

“I’m fine. I just need to catch my breath,” she adds. “It’s hard to take a deep breath, so I just need a second, and I’ll be okay.”

Val knows she can do it. He consoled Rumer with a kiss on the head and assured her that she won’t let him down.

According to medical website, bruised ribs are really painful. Deep breaths cause extreme pain and symptoms include shortness of breath, sharp, constant pain, difficulty sleeping, and tenderness to a touch on the injured area. Tenderness to touch? Touch is hard to avoid for Rumer and Val when they’re dancing together.

Rumer isn’t letting the pain stop her, and the two of them have big plans for Monday night’s DWTS finals. Their two dances are ready, with a re-do of their super successful week one Foxtrot, and a blended Contemporary and Argentine Tango dance.

Hollywood Life had a special bit of news to add about Rumer and Val. They’re dancing to a cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” and the cover is Rumer’s own! On top of that, Rumer wanted to add another layer of incredible to the talent Team ValenRue have piled up, so she asked Val to play violin too. Hollywood Life says what everyone is thinking.

“Okay, these two are so talented, it’s bordering on annoying!”

Yes, they are! Val isn’t just a fabulous dancer; he’s also a “classically trained violinist and played concertmaster violin with [his] youth orchestra in Carnegie Hall.”

But earning the Golden Mirror Ball depends on Rumer Willis’ ability to push through her injury. What do you think? Will Rumer tough it out?

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