Melanie Fiona Interviews About Being In A Group With Drake Back In Toronto [Video]

Melanie Fiona Interviews About Being In A Group With Drake Back In Toronto

Fellow Canadian Melanie Fiona was interviewed and discussed her involvement in a Toronto-based group with Drake. Had you heard Fiona and Drizzy’s music group called The Renaissance?

If you didn’t know, both Drake and Melanie are from Toronto. Whether they both dealt with the six hasn’t been mentioned. However, it seems that Fiona and Drake started their music careers around the same time.

During an interview with SkeeTV, Melanie laid their musical beginnings out from the start.

“So there was a girl group when I was in Toronto, because every girl starts out in a girl group. That didn’t work out ’cause most girl groups don’t. Umm, then there was like a crew situation called the Renaissance, which is what I think you’re referring to. Yeah, with an old friend named Drake. You know, Jimmy [Brooks] from Degrassi, as most people probably knew him at that time.

“He was young. He was doing Degrassi. We met, and it was like we just started this little collective of myself, him, a keyboard player and another vocalist. We were really just jamming, freestyling and having fun.

“It’s really nice to see that, from that small interaction of developing a little community with us four, we’ve all gone on to do our own independent ventures, our own projects and be really great at that. And I’m really happy and so proud of him. It’s great to just know where we come from and where we are now.”

While she’s proud of her fellow Canadian musician, there’s no word if she’ll be featured on Drake’s new album, Views from the 6. However, she has her own new project coming. So, she’ll be busy with that, regardless.

All in all, what do you think about Melanie‘s and Drake’s humble beginnings? Did you know they were in a group called The Renaissance?

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