Prince Harry’s Crocodile Wrestling In Australia A ‘Top Secret Mission’? [Video]

Prince Harry’s crocodile wrestling in Australia has generated some interesting comments from the crew he worked with at Australia’s Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife organization. While on what they have called a “top secret mission,” Prince Harry had a chance to work with the croc, and some believed his touch to be so gentle that he was called a “real sweetie.” (Doubt the crocodile would agree, but its mouth was taped shut, so no commentary was forthcoming.)

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Steve Irwin’s daughter, Bindi Irwin, says being a crocodile hunter is not what scares her.

Senior wildlife ranger Tom Nichols said Prince Harry’s crocodile wrestling expedition took place about three weeks ago but they were not allowed to say anything until the royal left Australia. Bess Price, Minister for Australia’s Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife organization, said the crew was entrusted with this “top secret mission” based upon their skills.

“Territory rangers are the best in the world in crocodile management and it is a true reflection of their excellent reputation that they were trusted to give Prince Harry such a hands-on experience,” she said. “This top secret mission is sure to leave a unique lasting impression of the Territory with Prince Harry.”

The 30-year-old royal used rope and his bare hands to wrangle the crocodile, which was about 10 feet long. The prince even straddled it and posed for photos. But Nichols said Prince Harry’s crocodile wrestling photo op was not the main reason they set out.

“We spoke mainly about our crocodile management program and Darwin in general,’ Mr Nichols said. “He said he was enjoying his time in Darwin. He was with the army at the time and he had two days spare and that was why he was there. He wasn’t put in any danger, he was holding the rope and he sat on top of the crocodile. But he did enjoy what he was doing it and he appreciated it.”

Wildlife Ranger Erin Britton seemed especially enthusiastic about meeting a royal for the first time.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect at first because you don’t meet royalty every day, but I found him very approachable and easy to chat with. I thought Harry came across as self-confident but humble,” Britton said. “He was very appreciative to the croc team for the opportunity to do something a bit different. He’s a real sweetie.”

Prince Harry’s crocodile expedition was not his only stop in Australia. He stayed in the land of Oz for a month as part of his British Army training, which included specialized training for dry environments and counter-terrorism drills. He even participated in an exhibition game to promote the FIFA Under 20 World Cup.

The royal has already moved on to New Zealand for the next stop in his tour, but according to the Daily Mail he is expected to return home to the UK to meet the latest addition to the royal family, Princess Charlotte, in person.

[Image via Facebook/Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife]