Rapist Says He Likes ‘Playing God’ While Choking His Victims

Rapist Zach Rankin charmed young women before he brutally raped them. The telemarketer even seduced a 15-year-old girl before leaving her in a state of terror.

Rankin appeared in court and heard testimony of three of his victims. The 23-year-old serial rapist was accused of choking his victims, as well as brutally assaulting and raping them.

The court heard testimony alleging Rankin used leather belts, silk scarves, and other ligatures to choke the women while they were forced onto his bed.

One victim testified about her terrifying experience with the serial rapist.

“I remember him actually saying to me at one point that he liked the look on my face when I look like I’m about to stop breathing. He definitely enjoyed that, I could see it in his face as I started to splutter and choke. I tried to pull his fingers and his hands from around my neck but he was pretty strong. A lot of the time I knew it was pretty pointless trying to fight or battle back. I think: ‘How can I let myself get to this point that I’m so scared of somebody that I can’t even tell him to stop hurting me and can’t even tell someone I trust what’s happening?'”

A 24-year-old single mother alleged Rankin slapped her and spat on her face before he raped her.

A third witness testified that Zach raped her when she was only 15-years-old. She added he was her first real boyfriend.

The court heard that Rankin often called the three witnesses abusive names, including “sl*ts.” In addition, without warning, the rapist would start kicking, punching, and slapping his victims.

Rankin denied all accusations, claiming the females consented to sex. He added they all lied because they had a grudge against him.

However, the rapist told the court he is “well endowed” and is a “connoisseur of porn.” He boasted about how he created a YouTube video in 2014. He played a guitar and sang, “Sl*ts just wanna be sl*ts and that’s fine ’cause I’m here to f*ck.”

Serial Rapist Zach Rankin Found Guilty
Serial rapist Zach Rankin claims he's a 'connoisseur of porn.' (Photo via Daily Record)

Detective Constable Nicola McCafferty described Zach Rankin to Daily Record.

“He has pretty much been solidly in relationships since his teens. Charming is how he was described by his victims. Tall, dark and handsome.”

Detective McCafferty added more about the serial rapist.

“He was described by witnesses as very suave. When he goes out, he is always wearing suits and smartly dressed. It was always a champagne night out. He talked a good game at first. Despite his own jealousy, infidelity was a pattern with him as well and there was overlaps in the relationships.”

Detective Inspector Gillian McKay, lead investigator in the case, said domestic abusers come in a variety of forms. Some may be quite deceptive, appearing as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

McKay explained more about this case of domestic abuse, assault, and rape.

“This case shows domestic abuse spans all walks of life and crosses every part of society. People have an image of a domestic abuser and it could be the person who lives next door, the friend, someone of all professions. We may never have come across this man had our partner agency not constituted him as high risk but it is the bravery of the victims that has got this result and they have been through a process which has been extremely difficult.”

The jury found Rankin guilty of five rapes and six assaults on his three victims. His name was also added to the Sex Offenders Register. Judge Lord Bannatyne called for background reports and held sentencing on serial rapist Zach Rankin until next month.

[Featured image via Daily Record]