Jessica Simpson Heats Up Sedona, Arizona: Swimsuit Photo Shoot Shows Off Singer’s Post-Baby Body

Jessica Simpson Heats Up The Sedona, Arizona Desert With Swimsuit Photo Shoot

Jessica Simpson is heating up the Sedona, Arizona, desert with a swimsuit photo shoot for her latest Jessica Simpson Collection ad, one that shows the singer’s quick recovery from having her second child.

The photo shows Jessica in a black swimsuit standing in front of the region’s famous red sandstone rock formations. Jessica is showing off one of the pieces from her spring-summer 2015 collection, wearing a $106 piece of swimwear.

The Sedona picture is earning Jessica Simpson plenty of praise, especially given the fact that she just had her second child.

E! notes,

And really, mama looks good: Beyond that bikini-ready body, this latest photo highlights her flawless complexion and robust blond locks. Her makeup is as smoldering as ever—seriously, no one rocks a smoky eye and petal pink lips like J.Simp.

That isn’t the only piece that Jessica Simpson is modeling in Sedona. Her website shows other pieces from the collection, which were inspired by the Southwest. Jessica’s website noted,

The collection channels the Southwest’s vibrant energy and free-spirited feel of life on the road. Colorful prints, lived-in denim, turquoise details and suede fringe infuse pieces with Jessica’s signature Bohemian styling.

Jessica Simpson has been making headlines beyond the Sedona, Arizona, photo shoot. In April she sold 50 percent of her eponymous brand to Sequential Brands Group Inc., one of the world’s biggest brand promoters.

Simpson has arguably the most successful brand of any celebrity, amassing annual sales of $1 billion between her clothing, accessories, and house wares.

The Wall Street Journal noted her unusual success:

“The success of Ms. Simpson’s brand is a bit of an anomaly in the retail sector. While other celebrity brands have fizzled out, Ms. Simpson’s 10-year-old line has expanded to more than 30 product categories and has a presence in department stores such as Macy’s, Nordstrom and Dillard’s. Ms. Simpson will still own a significant stake in her namesake brand and will remain actively involved in the design process, one of the people said.”

Jessica said the new partnership with Sequential Brands Group gives it even more potential.

“I am extremely honored to partner with Sequential Brands Group to continue the growth and integrity of the Jessica Simpson Collection,” she said in a statement. “Working together with the powerful management team at Sequential and with all of our trusted retailers and licensees, including Camuto Group, there is no limit to our success.”

The brand relies heavily on family. Jessica works closely with her mother, Tina, who actually was her hair stylist for the photo shoot in Sedona. Jessica’s husband also joined her for the shoot.

Pictures of Jessica Simpson heating up the Sedona, Arizona, desert can be seen here.

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