Meghan Trainor Grants Wish For Fan With Leukemia

Meghan Trainor met Isabella Harvey, a five-year old little girl who has been battling leukemia. The Staten Island “princess” has been battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) for over two years. The child’s mother reached out to Gianna Nicole’s Heart of Hope Foundation to request the singer for a meet and greet. Teen Vogue captured the tender encounter.

“Dear Meghan, My five-year-old daughter, Isabella, is a huge fan. She is battling a relapse of leukemia and loves to listen to your music. She sings and dances to your songs and it makes her feel better. I just wanted to thank you for making my daughter feel better.”

When Trainor found out about Isabella and how the little girl listened to her music to cheer her up, there was only one thing left for Meghan to do. Meghan arranged to meet the little girl and brought her onto the stage to dance at a recent concert. While the singer can boast of having smash hit songs like “All About That Bass,” “Lips Are Moving,” and “Dear Future Husband,” it’s clear the artist also has a genuinely caring heart.

“Isabella is a beautiful and brave girl. I was so excited to learn that my music helps her get through her most challenging days. Isabella and her entire family are fighters, they are such an inspiration for us all. Having Isabella come on stage with me was incredible.”

Thanks to the Staten Island-based non-profit, Isabella was able to have a blast with her singing idol. It seems both ladies were impressed with each other.

“She is the cutest thing and my crowd loved her! She had no problem dancing if front of all those strangers with me! I was so happy to see her smile.”

Meghan Trainor is best known for her music and advocating healthy body images to young women. Inquisitr recently covered the social media buzz surrounding the Ted Baker fashion images of the singer. With claims of editing the images of the curvy singer, the clothing line was “mortified” over the accusation. With her first hit, “All About That Bass,” Trainor has created an persona of positive body image and fun girl power to attract her fans.

It’s pretty clear, as the singer would say, that she’s a class act off stage, too.

[Image courtesy of Teen Vogue / Fanlala]