Rich Homie Quan Raps About Raping Girl: ‘How You Gonna Tell Me No? She Tried To Resist So I Took It’

It’s what many call a disturbing trend of “rape culture” in the U.S., a social culture filled with social media, music and movies that condone objectification of women, or treating women like nothing but sexual objects. While rap has long discussed the grittier points of sexuality, even seasoned rap fans were disturbed by a leaked track from Rich Homie Quan that seems to suggest he raped a girl. “How you gonna tell me no?” he quips in the song.

The song, called “I Made It,” has actually been around for months as a version was uploaded to YouTube as early as December 2014. However, recently, over a hundred or so songs recorded by Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug, who has since parted ways for undisclosed reasons, leaked online.

The split is likely in the best interest of Rich Homie Quan as Young Thug seems to have his fair share of controversies. However, in the leaked version of “I Made It”, the following lyrics could be heard.

“I don’t want your ho, just want that cookie from her

She tried to resist so I took it from her

How you gonna tell me no

You must not know who I am

Even if I’m on the road I see whats goin’ on

‘Cause you know I got cameras”

Well, it’s doubtful they were discussing Girl Scout cookies here, so her “trying to resist and he took it from her” pretty blatantly suggests rape. As if that’s not horrifying enough, he suggests that who he is can assist him with his “cookie” endeavors, although the camera comment remains a bit obscure.

The Muse received a cease and desist letter from Quan’s lawyer with a statement from the rapper himself, saying the song was never meant to be released. It’s uncertain how that makes it ethically more palatable, but that’s the current situation. They claim the song’s release was unauthorized, but the issue doesn’t seem to be that people want to sell the song. They take issue with the horrible lyrics. The memo from Rich Homie Quan denied all allegations that he raped anyone, rapped about raping anyone, or condoned rape.

“‘I Made It’ was never intended to be released. The song was not lyrically what I wanted to say and was not completed. Without my knowledge, there was a studio leak of the recording. I apologize that it’s out; and I have asked my lawyer to pursue a cease and desist on the song immediately. To be clear, I would never condone rape.”

What do you think, readers? Do you feel better knowing that content was there, just not meant for you to hear?

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