Jay Z Protects Beyonce After Eager Pap Assaults Bodyguard: Incident Caught On Tape

He has 99 problems, and a paparazzo was one of them. Wednesday, instinct kicked in, and Jay-Z protected Beyonce when their bodyguard got into a near kerfuffle with an eager cameraman in New York, according to Global Grind. The whole thing was caught on tape.

It all went down when Queen Bey and Jigga were leaving his office building. Outside, waiting, were a sea of paparazzi. All of a sudden, one ambitious photog got a bit too close and was nudged aside by Jay-Z and Beyonce’s longtime bodyguard, Julius.

In response, the overzealous camera dude pushed him back. That’s when Mrs. Carter’s hubby did what any man would do; he protected her by putting his body in between the near skirmish and his wifey. Then, he went over to the thongs of snappers and appeared to be putting them into check — more like reminding them of protocol and a possible can opening should they continue misbehaving. Perhaps, he was even warning that the naughty among them will not be eligible for free tickets to this B-sides concert.

Meanwhile, while Jay did his thing, Beyonce managed to slip away and into a waiting limo. She looked fabulous in ripped and distressed jeans, black sunglasses, yellow and black sandal heels and a shirt that read, “Never Forget To Say Thank You.”

And get this; when Jay-Z protects Beyonce, he does it like a boss. Hov wore a black T-shirt that bore the word “Peace.” Apparently, he took the word on his shirt seriously, right? Imagine that?

[Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Variety]