Wii U: New Legend Of Zelda Game May Be Getting Shelved For Now

The Legend of Zelda is possibly one of Nintendo’s longest-running and most easily recognized sagas outside of the Super Mario games. With such widespread popularity, one would think Nintendo would want to make the next part of the series available for Wii U as soon as possible, right? Not so, according to one article on the Gospel Herald’s website.

Gamepur uncovered Nintendo’s release schedule for 2016, with a Legend of Zelda game for Wii U nowhere to be found, suggesting the game may be delayed until at least 2017. If you’re dying for more Link, Zelda, and Sheikh, there’s always Super Smash Bros. for Wii or Wii U to keep you satisfied until the next Legend of Zelda game comes out.

Another article on Engadget cited a video by the Wii U game’s producer Eiji Aonuma, who more or less said that making a Wii U Zelda game in 2015 isn’t a top priority for the company as they are waiting to give fans the best game they can possibly create. It’s definitely wise of Nintendo to focus on quality over quantity; at the very least, this will keep fans from accusing them of just mass-producing carbon copy games with stale plots to make money.

This methodology of taking time could be the same one behind other Wii U games such as Mario Kart 8 and Disney Infinity, as there are definitely a lot of new and innovative features behind both of those games (one pretty cool feature for Wii U in general is the ability to scan real-life action figures by using their bar-codes, which then turns them into virtual characters you can use in a variety of Wii U games).

Some of the games include Kirby And The Rainbow Curse, Super Smash Brothers for Wii U, and Mario Party 10. It remains to be seen whether this sort of innovation represents the new face of Wii U, or whether it’s just something cool to draw new fans and keep old ones.

Are you happy with Nintendo’s decision to wait in order to improve the quality of their productions? Or will you be more impatient with them more than Game Of Thrones fans are with waiting on George R.R. Martin to finish the damn series already? If history is any proof, the internet will probably not be patient nor polite towards Nintendo and those who make decisions for the company; historically, they’re just not good at waiting.

While we wait for Zelda to catch up with Wii U, there are still plenty of great games and other reasons to own a Wii U if you happen to be a fan of the Nintendo universe (the amazing graphics not least of all). Nintendo’s site reports that Wii U supports video chatting, and connects to entertainment services like YouTube and Netflix as well as coming with 2 games, Super Mario 3D World and NintendoLand.

[Image Credit: Mobygames.com]