‘GTA V’ Has Riot Mod: Life Imitates Art With More Mods To Come

True to Rockstar’s words that GTA V would have something new and exciting for every gamer, there’s a special feature that is unbelievably true to life these days called Riot Mod. This mod disarms all of the police and law enforcement agencies and arms all of the citizens, turning them into crazy killers taking aim at anyone who comes near. But don’t worry- if that’s not really your thing, there are several other mods that have been proven to be favorites of GTA V players.

If you enjoy graphics, then you should check out the GTA V iCEenhancer mod, which has been featured on Product Reviews. Those gamers who missed out on the game snow over Christmas should be able to obtain unlimited snow at any time in GTA V with that particular mod. While that certainly adds for some graphic diversion, there are even more mods available if, say, you don’t like rioting in the snow.

Each month during 2015, Rockstar has said they will release new mods for their GTA V PC mods on Windows version; presumably, a new one each month. That will keep gamers interested in guessing what the next ones will be. Let’s take a look at the rest of the mods that we already know exist.

Want to pimp your ride? That might come in handy before the snow hits. There’s a Tuning Mod, which makes gamers able to customize and pimp out their chosen vehicles in multiple ways. Car customization is not only fun, it can actually be advantageous to playing the game. After all, it’s a game called Grand Theft Auto – might as well make it worth the ride. While on that topic, the Vehicle Controller Mod allows more emphasis on personal control over your vehicles whether it’s tricked out or not.

While the rest of these modifications have been based on realism, there is one that is not, but that’s the fun of the game, right? Gravity Gun delivers a modification that can specifically allow the player to send trucks, objects, pedestrians, and anything else you can think of flying far across the map. That might come in particularly handy before Riot Mod to clear the area of armed people temporarily.

Rockstar kept its valued players in limbo and waiting for delivery of an incredible product earlier this year – even though the release date was changed several times.

Well, gamers, was it worth the wait?

[Image by TwoDynamic / YouTube Sceengrab]