Kate Gosselin, Boyfriend: ‘Kate Plus 8’ Star Spotted On PDA-Filled Date With Rumored Boyfriend

Kate Gosselin and her rumored boyfriend, Jeff Prescott, were spotted on a date together in Philadelphia on Friday. According to Yahoo! News, the 51-year-old millionaire picked up the mom of eight at home, and the two drove to Talula’s Garden for dinner. After sharing an “intimate meal,” Jeff and Kate went to a casino for some gambling and partying.

“Jeff played had stacks of $100 bills on the table and the couple enjoyed bottle service while sneaking kisses and getting affectionate while gambling. They didn’t leave the casino until about 1:40 a.m.”

Based on the photos provided by witnesses, it looked as though Kate and Jeff are indeed an item.

Kate Gosselin has denied having a boyfriend despite several reports that she has been seeing Prescott for several months. The two met in New York City while Gosselin was filming Donald Trump’s The Celebrity Apprentice. Although she says that she has no time to date (she is busy with eight children, pets including a bird and a dog, and running a household), it seems as though Kate may have just wanted to keep her relationship quiet and out of the spotlight.

According to MStarz, Kate and Jeff seem to have a lot in common on a fundamental level. Both are divorced parents, for starters; Jeff Prescott has three children of his own. Both Kate and Jeff are very hard workers and always go the extra mile to make sure work is done, and that it is done right. This is why the two are so successful. Jeff really likes that Kate has such drive.

Prescott previously spoke out about Kate and said that he’s gotten to know her for “who she really is,” and apparently, he really likes what he sees.

“She’s a single mother with a deadbeat father in the picture and eight kids. She has a lot on her plate, she does really well with what she has. The image people portray, and who she really is, are very different.”

As Kate Gosselin boyfriend rumors continue (she has yet to address the new photos on social media), her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, hasn’t gotten himself out of the spotlight much. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the dad of eight is working as a DJ these days. It’s unclear how successful (or not) he has been.

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]