Jon Gosselin Gets A Job: Father Of Eight Is Working As A DJ

Jon Gosselin (finally) has a job. No, the father of eight isn’t waiting tables, and no, he’s not back in the IT world. According to TMZ, Gosselin is a DJ — or, at least, that’s what he’s trying to be. Evidently a fan of music and “sick beats,” Gosselin has had a few spinning gigs here and there, and apparently he really likes it. He is even getting some pro tips from DJ Koolie.

“Gosselin tells TMZ he’s ready to get the party started as a full-time DJ and go the route of Paris Hilton — who’s made beaucoup bucks spinning — but he know he’s gotta build his skills first. He says he got hooked back in the ’90s… then a few years ago tagged along with an ex who’s in the biz and got an itchin’ for scratchin’. Now he’s learning the ropes with 30-year vet, DJ Koolie.”

Jon Gosselin hasn’t held a steady job in quite some time. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the former reality star (and former husband of Kate Gosselin) was recently evicted from the place he was renting because he couldn’t make the payments. His girlfriend at the time moved out of the place, and Jon couldn’t really hold down a job, so he was forced to make some changes.

“It’s true. He was evicted last week and has been in the process of moving out. Now, he’s broke again,” shared a source back in October. It’s unknown if Jon has done anything to make money between October and now, but it sounds like he’s really serious about music.

According to Perez Hilton, Jon Gosselin can keep every penny that he earns since Kate waived her right to child support in exchange for Jon allowing the couple’s eight children to be on television again. Of course Kate and her brood are making excellent money from their show on TLC (the new season of Kate Plus 8 premiered last week), and Jon’s ex makes bank doing other reality television shows as well (she previously did Dancing With The Stars and is currently on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice).

Of course not having to support his family has allowed Jon the freedom to sort of do whatever he chooses. Many are happy to hear that he’s working, which is a pretty significant improvement since the last update people heard about him.

Do you think Jon Gosselin is going to be a successful DJ? Will he sell out clubs in the near future?

[Photo courtesy of Bobby Bank/WireImage via People Magazine]

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