Kim Richards Returning To ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’? Producers Happy She Remains In Rehab

Kim Richards will return for another season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. A source close to the show says network producers are allegedly happy because the reality TV star has complied with all of their demands.

According to Radar Online, Kim’s role on the show was up in the air after her arrest, but now that the RHOBH star is in rehab and seemingly sticking to her end of the deal set by the network, and producers are no longer concerned that she is a liability.

“She checked into rehab and has agreed to go along with everything that her bosses asked of her. Kim is not a liability if she is clean and sober and doing what is asked of her. She knows the process because she has done it several times before.”

The insider insists that her six-figure contract as a Housewife is what is helping Kim Richards get clean. The idea that the reality star’s role on the RHOBH is what is helping her get sober is contradictory to the statements made by Dr. Phil McGraw after his interview with Kim, which occurred just days her arrest for public intoxication. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the TV psychologist said one of the things that sent Richards over the edge and led to her early morning arrest on April 16 at the Polo Lounge was due to RHOBH fans bullying her.

“According to her self-analysis, the trigger for this was reading a lot of tweets. If you’re one of those people that feels the need to be loved by strangers, I’m not sure the public arena is the place you need to be. You need to inoculate yourself from that.”

Although Kim was reluctant at first to enter into rehab again and actually blamed Dr. Phil for ambushing her during their interview to get her to actually seek professional help, Radar Online reports Richards has agreed to 90 more days of rehab after attending her daughter Brooke’s wedding later this month.

“Kim is starting to realize that she needs more help than she can get in just a month. So right now, her plan is to stay at the rehab for at least three months after she gets back from Brooke’s wedding.”

Whether Kim Richards will return for another season of the show has yet to be confirmed by the network. Filming for the sixth season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is set to begin later this summer, as the Inquisitr reports.

[Image by Jason Kempin/Bravo]