‘The Flash’ Star Tom Cavanagh Interview: Reverse-Flash Discusses Reverse-Flash’s Future

The Flash, CW’s breakout comic book adaptation, is really tapping into the “speed force” as it rapidly comes to its conclusion. Everything is revealed, and everything is on the table, but there is still two episodes and a lot more story to evolve. The biggest plot driver has been the Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash conflict.

Many of the Flash characters have been interviewed about the finale and “what’s next,” as the Inquisitr reported on Danielle Panabaker’s (Caitlin Snow) interview in April. Now, with the final two episodes just around the corner, the Hollywood Reporter reports that Tom Cavanagh sat down to discuss being Reverse-Flash, the reveal, and the Flash character’s master plan.

Tom Cavanagh was asked the direct question of whether or not the Reverse-Flash “master plan” would be revealed in the remaining two episodes, and his answer was also very direct.

“Absolutely. We’re not looking to shortchange people. People have been aboard the ride and that lug is going down the funnel.”

During the entire season, he had to be an actor within an actor to the other Flash characters, and even to some extent, the audience as well. Cavanagh was naturally asked by Variety what it is like now that the cat, or Man In the Yellow Suit, is finally out of the bag.

“I’m pretty forthright when it comes to these — I know that everybody has a job to do, and it was actually very frustrating for me to have to dance around what were completely valid and interesting questions that I would have loved to have answered. But of course, to protect the show and the storyline, I just could not. And when episode nine came along, and I was revealed as the Man in the Yellow Suit, it was probably much more of a relief for me, playing the character, than it was for the media. So yeah, to be able to talk about it is so gratifying. Eobard Thawne and being the Man in the Yellow Suit, the Reverse Flash, is the reason I signed on to do the show.”

Many fans of the Flash comics have an advantage over the CW Flash fans, as a lot of the plot that has played out thus far has been ripped straight from the comic books. Tom Cavanagh told E! News that the answer to why Reverse-Flash hates The Flash is a “very simple” answer, and said that “people big into the comics” will know.

Though Tom Cavanagh could and would not reveal the culmination of the Reverse-Flash’s master plan, he did give an interesting look into the big fight between Reverse-Flash, The Flash, Firestorm, and the Arrow. My bad, Al-Sahim.

“For us having this classic old western standoff months and months into the season, we feel was well-earned. To be able to take out what we put into the bank for this showdown was a great feeling. Not to mention the actual, physical shooting of it. Grant and myself, we are guys that the stunt men despise, because we like to do all that stuff. You finally get there and it’s like, well I’m not going to let [stuntman] Brent Connolly do everything. We like to suit up and get into it. It’s schoolyard play-fighting and it’s so much fun. Grant is terrific at it. I love doing it…”

For any Flash fan, new or old, it certainly has been quite the ride. It will be interesting to see the Reverse-Flash’s master plan in action, and the four DC characters duel.

[Image Via Creative Commons/CW ]