WWE Rumors: Four Title Matches Now Announced For ‘Elimination Chamber’ — Rumored Participants

Last night’s announcement of the return WWE Elimination Chamber has brought about a lot of excitement and a number of rumors. There still is not a lot known about the Pay-Per-View, but more is being revealed all the time. Now, there are four official matches on the event card which will take place on May 31, but who is going to be in them?

A lot of those participating in the matches at Elimination Chamber will be determined by what happens at Payback this Sunday. As soon as the event was announced, WWE posted a statement regarding two of the matches that would be on the card.

“The anticipated, must-see WWE Elimination Chamber event will emanate from Corpus Christi, Texas, where the WWE Tag Team Championships and the newly vacant Intercontinental Championship will be defended inside the infamous structure.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, two more big title matches were announced and they will be for the United States Title and WWE World Heavyweight Title. With those, the card looks like this so far.

  • Elimination Chamber Match for the vacant Intercontinental Title
  • Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles
  • United States Title Match
  • WWE World Heavyweight Title Match

Two or three more matches could, and likely will, be added to the card before it arrives, but there are still two weeks until it happens. The main thing being talked about here is who will be in the matches?

There is a WWE Live event in Greenville, South Carolina, on May 31 as well, and so far, a number of big names have been advertised for it. Some think this would keep them from competing at Elimination Chamber, but they could easily fly out and do both, as the South Carolina event starts at 1 p.m.

For the Intercontinental Title match, there will be six new participants after Daniel Bryan relinquished the belt. It is being rumored that Neville, Dolph Ziggler, King Barrett, Sheamus, R-Truth, and Stardust could be in the chamber to compete.

As for the Tag Team title match, a source has told Inquisitr that it will likely be three teams competing with six wrestlers total. Four will begin in pods and two will start the match. As for who will be in it? The New Day and Brass Ring Club will likely be in it, no matter what happens at Payback, and they could be joined by a recently reunited Wyatt Family of Harper and Rowan.

Now, there is a lot that still needs to come together for the U.S. and World titles.

No matter if Rusev or John Cena win, it’s highly unlikely that they will have yet another match against each other. Seth Rollins is expected to walk out of Payback with his title still in place, so that one is up in the air too, but it could be Rollins vs. Kane.

Elimination Chamber is back, and it’s already shaping up to be a huge PPV without a single name being announced for it yet. More has to be known soon, though, as it takes place in just three weeks.

[Images via WWE]