WWE Rumors Round-Up: Dean Ambrose’s Heel Turn, Hot Tag Team To Get Third Member, NXT Injuries, Wyatt Family Reunion

Rumors are flying all over the place in WWE, and right now, there are a ton of them leading up to Payback in a week. There are rumored heel turns all over the place, and the build-up of the tag team division continues to be a priority for WWE, finally. There’s also some news and rumors on serious NXT injuries, so check out the full rumor round-up.

Please remember that these are all WWE rumors and none of them may even end up coming true at all. For now, it’s just chatter.

Dean Ambrose’s Heel Turn Could Happen At Payback

Everyone has been wondering what exactly the reasoning was for WWE adding Dean Ambrose to the main event. It was done just two weeks prior to Payback, and it was obviously done with little notice. TV spots for the PPV airing just this weekend still had a Triple Threat announced as the main event.

Now, the rumor of Ambrose turning heel has truly come up, as WWE is lacking on big-time heels, as Wrestling Inc. pointed out. Other rumors have The Shield possibly reuniting, turning heel entirely, and siding with The Authority. Not to mention, The Authority will return to RAW on Monday, too.

Then again, the John Cena turning heel rumor could come true soon, and there’s your top company heel.

The Lucha Dragons May Get A Third Team Member

The Lucha Dragons have been a hot commodity on the tag team scene since being called up to the main WWE roster. Now, they may get a third team member to add a little more spice to them, as well.

It’s rumored that Los Matadores will be losing El Torito soon, and he’ll be joining up with the Lucha Dragons. Not only would it add an extra touch to their storylines, but it would make them an even hotter tag team with the fans.

Sami Zayn And Hideo Itami May Miss A Lot Of Time In NXT

NXT is suffering with a lot of injuries right now, and some of them are much worse than others. It could end up really affecting the card of NXT Takeover:Unstoppable if two of their biggest stars are out too, and they would be Hideo Itami and Sami Zayn.

Zayn’s shoulder injury hasn’t had a lot of info revealed on it yet, so he may still be able to take on Kevin Owens at the event. Hideo Itami has an even more serious shoulder injury, which could have him out six to eight months, per WrestleZone.

hideo itami injury nxt

If Itami can’t go, that would make the triple threat match just a singles match between Tyler Breeze and Finn Balor for the No. 1 contender spot.

A Wyatt Family Reunion Looks To Be In The Works

Talk of a Wyatt Family reunion — or a new one — has been around for a couple months now, but now those rumors are hotter than ever. On SmackDown, Luke Harper defeated Fandango and then watch as Erick Rowan came out, destroyed Fandango, and left.

It looks as if the Wyatt Family is reuniting soon, and placing themselves into a budding tag team division with The New Day, Lucha Dragons, The Ascension, Brass Ring Club, Los Matadores, The Usos, and more. Now, will Bray Wyatt get them back under his wing?

Lots of WWE rumors are circulating, but which ones will come true? It’s quite possible that a few of these will be known to be true or just talk by the Payback event on Sunday, and all we can do is wait and see.

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