CBS Cancels ‘CSI’ After 15 Seasons, Renews Freshman Drama ‘CSI: Cyber’

It seems as though it’s only a matter of time before fans of the hit crime drama CSI will read the dreaded words: CBS cancels CSI. Although there hasn’t been anything officially released, news reports from several sources, including Vulture and Deadline, seem to indicate that CBS will not be renewing the hit show for a new season. The reports come as the series finished its 15th season back in February.

However, fans should still hold out hope, as it is likely that the series won’t end without some sort of closure. The Huffington Post is reporting that the crime drama will get a proper goodbye with either a shortened season 16 or a movie special.

With the likelihood of CBS cancelling CSI in mind, the series left off Season 15 with a sort of cliffhanger and was clearly not meant as a series finale. The last finale ended with Elisabeth Shue’s character in a coma with the possibility of recovery not known. That, along with a few other plot points, remains to be wrapped up in the coming movie special or shortened season.

According to Deadline, the network won’t leave fans wondering what has become of their favorite characters like it has done with other shows in the past. Instead, the show will offer fans a clean wrap up with either a two-hour movie special or a six-episode Season 16. While it is still unknown which approach the network will take, both options would definitely serve as a way for the show to end its multiple storylines.

Furthermore, if a movie special is in the cards, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that William Petersen might even return to reprise his old role. However, CBS has yet to address the reports or release any statements regarding the show’s future. This leaves fans in a sort of limbo as they await the fate of one of the most successful shows for CBS to date.

While the original show may not grace the small screens ever again, the show’s spinoff series, CSI: Cyber, has been renewed for another season. The series stars Patricia Arquette and had fairly good success in its first season. This initial response has led many to believe that it will continue its success in a much anticipated second season.

Although official news of a cancellation is probably just around the bend, fans will hopefully be able to get proper closure with the proposed movie special and won’t be too disappointed when they read that CBC cancels CSI.

[Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images]