Tyga Reportedly Wants To Have A Baby With Kylie Jenner Even Though He Joked He Rather Be Single

Tyga reportedly wants to have a baby with 17-year-old girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. This comes after the reports saying that the 25-year-old rapper wants to marry his girlfriend and have a baby as soon as possible. Sounds like Tyga didn’t read Kylie’s recent interview with Teen Vogue!

Celebrity Dirty Laundry doesn’t believe that Jenner should marry Tyga. Contributor Siyana Riley noted that the teen is obviously in her first adult relationship, and she’s going to believe that it’s going to last forever even though it may not. Jenner may want to rush into marriage in order to lock down Tyga.

Kylie has publicly revealed that she doesn’t want to have children for a while. In a candid interview with Teen Vogue, the model said that she wants to have kids by 2025. However, Kylie didn’t share her thoughts on when she wants to get married though.

“Having sisters is the best. I have a different relationship with each of them. I go to Kim for fashion advice, Khloé is always boy and family advice, and Kourtney is like another mother to me. It’s so fun being an aunt. When I look to the far future and decide to have kids, I need to have a million girls. Ten years from now—in 2025—I hope I have a kid.”

Riley also noted that the “Rack City” rapper cheated on ex Blac Chyna, so it may not take him long to cheat on Kylie as well. It’s also been rumored that Tyga is only dating the teen for her money and the fame. As their reality show drops in ratings and the family’s star falls, Tyga could leave Kylie for the next pretty young thing.

To make matters worse, the youngest Jenner sister is annoyed by the comment Tyga made about being single. She was there to support him at the VITY Launch Party in Los Angeles, according to Celeb Café. Tyga made a joke onstage that he would rather be single because women are unfaithful. Jenner was reportedly livid as she watched him from the audience.

Right before his performance, Tyga asked the crowd, “How many of you are single out there? It’s better to be single sometimes, you know why? Because these h**s ain’t loyal!”

An alleged source told Hollywood Life that Jenner didn’t take the joke too well.

“That didn’t sit well with Kylie. Her smile immediately disappeared and she rolled her eyes. From the look on her face, it was obvious she was bothered and upset by his joke. After that happened, it was clear she wasn’t interested in watching Tyga anymore, so she and her clique left the VIP section to go backstage.”

Instead of watching Tyga’s performance with Chris Brown, Jenner and her friends headed to the VIP section. She reportedly spent the most of the night on her phone. It didn’t stop the famous Jenner teen from taking selfies with two of her best friends, as seen below.


Jenner looked “pensively” at the screen, as she was clearly bothered by Tyga’s tasteless joke. They didn’t even leave the venue together. Tyga and his entourage left through a private exit, as Jenner and her friends trailed behind.

Kylie was obviously proud of her boyfriend’s performance, but she didn’t like what he had to say beforehand. The vulnerable teen was crushed by Tyga’s comments about relationships and women. According to the report, Tyga is in love with Kylie and wants to get engaged on her 18th birthday in August.

Despite the rumors, Kylie Jenner insists there’s nothing but love between them. She took to Instagram to share the infamous photo of her and Tyga leaving the concert. Kylie included the caption: “Crew Love.”


It didn’t stop fans from commenting that the troubled couple looked upset in the photo.

What are your thoughts on Tyga and Kylie Jenner? Do you think they should have children even though they both show signs of immaturity?

[Image: Craig Barritt/Getty Images]