Are You A 'QuizWitz'? Beta Opens For Custom Quiz Game

Google Play, iTunes, and other app stores feature an abundance of static trivia apps and quiz games, like Logo Quiz, SongPop, and QuizUp. Most of the existing options are single-player quiz games. If a multiplayer option is available, playing with friends can get time-consuming to set up and tricky to pull off, since everyone involved has to download the app (if available on their mobile device) and then agree to login via Facebook, Google+, or whatever account system is used by the developer. CatLab Interactive intends to bring something a bit more socially plug-and-play to the casual trivia offerings of the mobile gaming market by ditching the app trend.

Meet QuizWitz, a browser-based social platform through which players can create, customize, and host their own quiz games. Game Masters – or as they are referred to in this game, Quiz Masters – who host a game are the only ones who actually have to create an account within the community. Any number of players who join a quiz game can play along on their smartphone or mobile device without registering. Registrations for the free beta have opened, and the developer is reaching out for support in crafting an experience people can play using any mobile device of their choosing.
"QuizWitz is a game and social platform that turns your smart device into a controller. The platform is its own (one day vibrant) community of quiz creators, which needs great people to bring it to life. We feel this beta will teach us a lot about what people are looking for and their thoughts about our game. That is why we want our game to be accessible to as many people as possible."
QuizWitz seems easy enough to set up as a quick, casual party game but also robust in its options to allow for a serious, mental throwdown among friends. To prepare for a match, the person planning to host the quiz game signs up for a QuizWitz account and from there decides whether to play a pre-existing quiz round or to create a custom quiz. After a quiz is decided upon, the Quiz Master should log in on the device that will display the questions. It can be a tablet, smart TV or any device with a browser. From there, the Quiz Master can send out invitation codes to all interested players. Then, players visit the private game server hosted by QuizWitz and enter the code to play, using their smart device as their gamepad or controller.

The amount of customization options available to create quizzes depends on the account type. According to the pricing information on the QuizWitz website, free accounts can only collect up to 10 quiz rounds. Premium accounts get to collect an unlimited number of quiz rounds and save them into packs. Pro accounts can do all of the above in addition to creating custom quizzes. Pro accounts will require a monthly fee. For now, since the game is in beta, upgrading to a Premium account only requires making a one-time donation of as little as one euro.

It is a neat concept that could catch on quick, particularly with those who enjoy playing trivia games like Buzztime at sports restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings. What do you think of the beta? Would you use QuizWitz to play quiz games at casual social gatherings or on game nights at home? Could the mobile gaming world use more browser-based games? Sound off in the comments below.