Ninja Crow: Video of Stealthy Crow Goes Viral [Video]

Viral crow video

An unsuspecting man, Conor McCarthy, noticed the he was being stalked by a mysterious presence as he sat down on a bench. A black crow was inching closer and closer to the man every time he turned his back. Therefore, the man decided to get out his camera and see what the little bird was doing when he had his back turned.

Conor McCarthy was sitting down when he noticed a crow was keeping a keen eye on him. Each time he would turn around, the crow would casually step away and act like nothing was going on. The crow continued to do this, so Conor decided to capture it all on video.

In the video, you see a crow standing behind the young man as he is seated on a bench. When the man’s head is turned away from the crow, the bird can be seen slowly approaching the man as if he is trying to sneak up on him. However, when Conor turns his head towards the bird, it immediately stops and pretends to be going in the other direction.

Conor says he doesn’t know what the bird wanted, but he wasn’t going to let the black bird get the drop on him. The video has gone viral with over 1.6 million views in just two days. However, the viral nature of the video may have to do with the war of words going on in the comment section of the video itself. From arguments about whether the bird is a crow or raven to people complaining about the fact that the YouTube user filmed the footage vertically instead of horizontally, the comment section is being inundated with people who have something to say about the stealthy crow.