The Fickleness Of Cats Perfectly Displayed In One Adorable Yet Horrifying Video

Two Persian cat brothers, Seamus and Angus, were videoed by their owner as they shared some affectionate hugs and kisses together. However, as any cat owner knows, cats can be fickle. As a result, one of the brothers decided the love fest was a good time to take a chance at biting his brother’s face off.

In the video, which was uploaded to the cats personal YouTube page, simply titled Seamus and Angus, you can watch as the two flat-faced Persian cats embrace one another and begin a series of adorable hugs and kisses. However, the fickleness of one of the cats breaks through, and the cat proceeds to gnaw away at his brother’s face as the other cat is still in his embrace.

The video is quickly going viral, with over 361,000 views in just three days. It seems that cat lovers love the video because they can relate. Commenters note that though a cat loves you one minute, they can just as easily want nothing to do with you in five seconds. It seems it isn’t just Seamus and Angus who suffer from this type of love-hate relationship. Many people commenting on the video note that their cats do something similar.

“My cats do the same thing. They’ll be all lovey and then just attack each other. I wonder why cats do this.”

Others give the cats the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe the brother just loves his sibling so much he can’t help but “eat em up.”

“You know that feeling of loving on someone so hard you just wanna eat em up? lol”

Do you have a fickle cat?