Cat Video: This ‘7lb Nutball’ Will Make You Laugh [Video]

The latest cat video to hit the internet is a compilation that YouTube user emlodrone has collected and named “my 7lb nutball,” and it’s guaranteed to make you laugh. Commenter Berta Lovejoy begs to disagree and calls it abuse, but as other commenters have pointed out, she’s probably just a typical troll.

The cat in question is Luna, a fluffy little goofball that obviously loves to play around and attempt some impressive stunts, and might even have an affection for the camera. In one scene, Luna starts out looking straight at the camera for a couple of seconds before darting away, faking lying down, and then racing into the next room.

In a few scenes early in the compilation, Luna leaps up on a towel rack. The one time this funny cat doesn’t end up on it, the towel isn’t there, but in another scene, she uses the towel rack to jump up on the top of the shower divider.

Another part of this YouTube cat video shows Luna in a time-laspe over a few hours, mostly hiding from the camera and at one point doing what cats are known to do, taking a quick nap in a box.

Another scene has the guy attempting to make his bed as Luna clearly protests his progress with the fitted sheet. He locks eyes with her and then suddenly raises his hands. She darts off the bed and you can hear her crashing into something.

One of the most adorable parts of this funny video is when someone puts his or her finger up to a black suitcase and you see Luna pop out and attack it three times. It happens again when she’s hiding in a pillowcase, and again in a large cardboard box.

She also apparently loves to try climbing doorjambs, and early on looks like she’s attempting to jump onto the closet shelf from it.

What was your favorite part of this cat video featuring “7lb nutball” Luna?

[Image via YouTube]