‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Gets A Second Trailer [Video]

Snow White and the Huntsman got a new trailer today, as hype builds ahead of the film’s release on June 1.

This second look at the fairytale adaptation is a minute longer than the first trailer, but the content is much the same: lots of Charlize Theron (as the evil queen) and Kristen Stewart (as Snow White) gasping and hamming and shouting and riding horses and casting spells in what looks like a fast-moving action flick.

While Disney’s Snow White (which turns 75 this year) has a lighter atmosphere and touch, the Brothers Grimm wrote plenty of stories with a notably dark vibe (wolves eating grandmothers, and so forth), in which brutality and violence were a common theme.

Perhaps it is this film, and not Disney’s original, that comes closest to the original text?

Anyway, this Universal-produced movie may have another competitor to worry about first – namely, anotherSnow White movie released in 2012.

Mirror Mirror is a production from the smaller Relativity Media, and hits theaters on March 30. It doesn’t lack big names, either – Julia Roberts plays the evil queen, while Sean Bean also appears. 23-year-old Lily Collins plays Snow White in the Relativity film.

Still, perhaps there’s space for both movies, eh? It’s worth remembering that Alice brought Disney a cool $1 billion at the worldwide box office, so fairytales seem like a pretty safe banker.

Here’s the latest trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman. Let us know in the comments which film is likely to get your moviegoing buck!