‘The Walking Dead’: What Was Norman Reedus’ Favorite Scene In Season 5?

The Walking Dead Season 5 was a roller coaster ride for fans and actors alike, with so many characters leaving the series and the full range of human experience, from barely surviving being the main entree and dying of thirst, to living in relative luxury with Carol’s homemade chocolate chip cookies and unlimited showers. Actor Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on the series, recently discussed his favorite moment of the season, although fans of The Walking Dead might be surprised at his choice. If you aren’t caught up on Season 5 of The Walking Dead, spoilers follow.

Hardcore Walking Dead fans probably remember that Reedus texted executive producer Greg Nicotero on Talking Dead after the episode where Tyreese (Chad Coleman) bid the group farewell to tell Nicotero how much he loved it, as Greg directed that episode. But that wasn’t the favorite scene or episode Norman chose as the best moment for this season of The Walking Dead. Nor was it the improvised bit of dialogue he shared with Carol (Melissa McBride) about how “ridiculous” her new soccer mom look was, complete with conservative slacks and a “mom” sweater.

Norman dished on his favorite scene in The Walking Dead last season for the Wrap during a segment of their “Drinking with the Stars” show.

“I liked us in the barn. Yeah, we’re in the barn, we’re getting overrun by walkers and the storm comes up. We were at such a broken spot in our story line. Everyone was so down and starving and dying of thirst and so beaten up. Everyone sort of came together to stop those walkers from coming in. It’s a really powerful moment. I think that sort of sums us up as a family and as a group out there.”

Reedus also talked about several other popular discussion points among Walking Dead fans, including rumors his character, Daryl Dixon, was dying on the show because his house in Georgia was supposedly on the market (it’s not his house). Other topics of discussion included how Norman would like to see his character die if he was killed on The Walking Dead and the never-ending discussion of Daryl Dixon’s sexuality, which is a topic that simply won’t die no matter how many times Reedus addresses it.

If you have been living on another planet or want to hear about whether or not Daryl is gay one more time, check out the video from the Wrap interview. For the record, while the video team for the Wrap was careful to turn around the labels identifying the beverages, Walking Dead fans may notice that Reedus seems to be a Corona man, or at least he is with the choices that were available in that bar that day. Take note if you ever get a chance to buy the man a drink.

The Walking Dead is currently filming Season 6 to premiere in the fall.

[Photo by Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC]