Evidence Of Alien Life? Previously Unseen Roswell Photos Prove ‘Beyond Any Doubt’ Aliens Exist, Astronaut Agrees

Previously Unseen Roswell Photos

Never-before-seen images of the Roswell UFO crash provide “undeniable” proof of alien existence, according to Roswell UFO specialists.

The photographs, which were taken on a Kodachrome film by geologist Bernard Ray between 1947 and 1949, are said to show the remains of an alien found dead in New Mexico.

Previously Unseen Roswell Photos

The images were a part of a presentation at an event called Be A Witness, which was held on May 5 at the National Auditorium in Mexico City with an audience of 10,000 people.

The event was hosted by Jaime Maussan, a widely recognized Mexican UFO specialist and host of the TV show, Tercer Milenio, a program that covers UFOs and other topics.

UFO specialists claim that in order to come to the conclusion of the slides’ authenticity, an extensive five-year study was done.

Maussan believes that the images must be real because at the time of the photo, a sketch of the extraterrestrial image did not exist, so there was no model for them to doctor the images in accordance to.

“(These photos) show the human race, beyond any doubt, that extraterrestrial visits are a reality,” said Maussan.

“That is why the presentation of two slides, two transparencies, where a being with non-human features can be seen, is very important, especially if these photos were dated by experts during a period, where the model of the archetype extraterrestrial we know today did not exist, but also because it was also impossible to doctor these type of images in such a way.”

The pictures were discovered in a box in the attic of an Arizona house. Other photos found inside the box were of Clarke Gable, Bing Crosby, and Dwight Eisenhower from before his presidency.

The slides’ authenticity was further argued by Richard Dolan, a leading U.S. researcher and writer on the topic of UFOs.

“The analysis of the body or creature that is presented in the image, suggested that this is not a mummy, not a human, not a mammal and not a model, which would require a highly sophisticated detailed understanding of comparative anatomy among various species.”

Even Edgar Mitchell, the sixth astronaut to land on the moon, found the images to be authentic and undoctored.

What do you think about these newly emerged photos? Are they genuine and of the real thing — or is this just another pointless hoax? Share your thoughts below.

[Image via Slidebox Media]