Video Footage Shows UFO Being Transported Near Area 51, Nevada

A UFO was allegedly captured mid transfer on a deserted road surrounded by police cars near Area 51, Nevada, on Saturday, March 21.

The footage seemed to have been shot by amateur UFO hunters who were trying to remain inconspicuous as a motorcade with a semi-truck towing a silver-looking, disc-shaped UFO drove down a dark road.

The video has become quite popular since its internet debut, and has garnered hundreds of thousands of views in just four days. However, not much information has been provided about the footage, including who recorded it.

The location in the video is reportedly Nevada State Route 375, which has been popularly coined by locals as “Extraterrestrial Highway” because of the numerous cases of UFO sightings along the route. Most of the reports of UFOs, though, have been explained away as man-made devices due to fact that the highway is in close proximity to the Nellis Air Force Base where top secret crafts and missiles have been tested since the 1950s.

UFO being towed

Tell us what you think — Is the towed UFO military-made or of alien origin? And where’s the tarp — isn’t the military more covert than this?

[Image via YouTube]

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