Paula Deen Sells $12.5M Mansion, Julia Roberts Offers Hawaiian Estate, Other Celebrities Flip: Guess Who

Paula Deen has a $12.5 million mansion for sale, and Julia Roberts hopes you’ll buy her Hawaiian estate. It’s all part of the trend in celebrities on the move. For Paula Deen, that mansion means a farewell to many memories, reported E! News.

Located in Savannah, Georgia, the estate includes 5.5 acres in a gated community. You get a barn, a dock house, two guest cottages, and the 14,500 square-foot French Caribbean home customized to Paula’s Southern style.

If you love to cook and entertain, Paula hopes that y’all will consider her mansion, which even has an outdoor kitchen. There, you can watch as your pals dive into the pool and view the movie theater. The outdoor kitchen on its own contains three grills, one smoker, one electric oven, four refrigerators, an icemaker, and a sink.

Curious about the barn? It’s got an eight-car garage plus three bedrooms and room for two RVs.

As the Inquisitr reported, Deen has been trying to cook up a comeback after a series of scandals that ranged from an attempt to hide her diabetes diagnosis to accusations of racism.

From a video game to a podcast, she hopes that her fans will forgive her for encouraging them to gobble up those rich, buttery, sugary concoctions even while she knew that she secretly was battling diabetes.

Paula’s not alone in trying to sell her home for a new one. For those who think it’s enticing to live where a star once trod, it’s not cheap moving into a celebrity home, reported Page Six.

For a mere $29.9 million, for example, you can have Julia Robert’s seven-bedroom, four-bathroom home in Hanalei, Hawaii. You get enormous rooms, a huge porch, and the aloha-sunset windows that stretch from one to wall the next.

Do you long to expand on what the Pretty Woman actress already created? Not a problem, because you can add on as much as 9,000 square feet to the home originally bought by sugar cane mogul Hans Peter Faye in 1915.

If you prefer something different, keep an eye on celebrities known for flipping, reported Forbes.

Ellen DeGeneres has gained a reputation for flip success stories. She made $15 million in six months by selling the Brody House for $55 million. And she’s not alone in finding out the financial benefits of buying a home, giving it a revamp and then re-selling it.

Add Jennifer Aniston to the celebrity flipping roster. She bought a Beverly Hills estate for $13.5 million, then turned around and sold it for $35 million.

Also addicted to the art of the flip is actor Jeremy Renner. He and partner Kristoffer Winters have purchased and sold more than 15 homes, with Winters climbing up the flipping ladder to own a design firm.

Other well-known flippers include Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep, and Brad Blumenthal.

Do you think you’d like to own a home that a celebrity once renovated? Which of the mansions described above appeals to you: Julia Roberts’ estate or Paula Deen’s mansion? Post your comments below.

[Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for SOBEWFF]