James McAvoy Bald? Actor Shaves Head For ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

James Has Head Shaved For Role

James McAvoy recently bid farewell to his hair. The shocking image of the newly shaved actor came by way of X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer’s Instagram. The image was posted with a caption that said “Xavier reborn (in process”).

There was a lot of speculation as to whether or not McAvoy, who first took the role of Professor X in X-Men: First Class, would eventually go bald for the role. The character is well known for his psychic abilities and a very bald head. That happens to be something that’s true both in the comics and earlier X-Men movies.

It had been hinted in previous films that James McAvoy’s young Professor X would be giving up his hair at some point. With this crucial change, James will probably look a bit more like the younger version of Professor X that X-Men fans are expecting. Whether the rest of the film will measure up remains to be seen.

Comments on Instagram reacting to the image of McAvoy has been mostly positive.

“He looks more mature like this…. Looks more like the professor Xavier we know….”

One person saw the humor in the image of James getting his head shaved.

“Looks like professor is mind controlling the barber.”

James McAvoy should certainly be given kudos for getting his head shaved to portray such an iconic character. However, it’s worth noting that he’s not the only actor who has recently gone bald for the sake of a comic book movie.

Jesse Eisenberg is set to play the infamous Lex Luthor in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The news wasn’t universally welcomed, with some DC fans worried that Eisenberg wouldn’t look or sound the part. When a photo of him as Lex was finally revealed, it was easier to say he looked the part. Hearing him and seeing him in the role will probably what decides the overall opinion on Eisenberg as Luthor.

Perhaps that ‘s why the decision to make James McAvoy bald was met with a great deal of enthusiasm and not so much trepidation. Audiences have already seen McAvoy in the role and feel connected to him as Charles Xavier. All that was left was to make James bald like the character. Eisenberg? He stepped into the role of an iconic character with only a shaved head to suggest he might be right for it.

Are you excited for X-Men: Apocalypse? What do you think of James McAvoy finally shaving his head? Comment below!

[Image Credit: Bryan Singer Instagram]