Louis Tomlinson Gets Threatened By Naughty Boy, Helps Liam Payne Prank Niall Horan

Louis Tomlinson and Naughty Boy's battle just got a bit nastier, and Zayn Malik might find himself missing his old bandmates after seeing how much fun they're having together.

According to Unreality TV, Shahid Khan, a.k.a. Naughty Boy, actually threatened Louis Tomlinson during a recent interview. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Zayn Malik started working with Khan after leaving One Direction, and the music producer recently angered Louis by using a photo of Zayn to provoke 1D fans. This led to an ugly Twitter tiff, and it looked like Louis Tomlinson got the last word in when he schooled Naughty Boy on One Direction's success. However, Zayn's new BFF couldn't resist taking another swipe at the singer.

"Louis needs to shut his mouth. He's just a child," Khan told the Sun. "He's messing with a sleeping lion and you shouldn't have woken up a sleeping lion as you're only going to regret it."

Shortly after Naughty Boy's interview was posted online, Louis tweeted a response to his threat.

Naughty Boy also told the Sun that he plans on breaking the "real story" of why Zayn Malik left One Direction, but Louis Tomlinson doesn't seem too worried about his new nemesis or his old bandmate -- he and Liam Payne recently showed fans that they're totally over Zayn by having a blast together. Unfortunately for Niall Horan, they decided to have fun by giving his car a very messy makeover.

Liam Payne documented their prank on Instagram. First he teased the fun to come by captioning the photo below, "Let's do it."

Liam Payne Prank 1

Liam then shared a photo showing various items sitting on top of Niall's Land Rover. They included a teddy bear, a trash can, pieces of a plant, a small garden statue, and a big piece of wood.

"Oh no Niall," Liam captioned the photo.

Liam Payne Prank 2

For his last photo, Liam Payne let One Direction fans know that Louis Tomlinson was in on the prank by getting him to pose beside Niall's toilet paper-covered car.

Liam Payne Prank 3

Liam informed his fans that he thoroughly enjoyed pimping Niall's ride in his own wacky way.

Luckily, the Irish singer was a good sport about their prank.

"Ahhahahah d**kheads!" he tweeted. "I think they call it modern art."

It wasn't long before the hashtag #OhNoNiall was trending on Twitter, and fans seemed pretty delighted by Louis and Liam's prank.

It looks like Harry Styles didn't join in on the fun, and this might worry some Directioners. As Hollywood Life points out, there are rumors that Harry is upset with Louis for getting in a public spat with Naughty Boy. One source said that Harry wants One Direction "to be known for the music not childish fights." Perhaps Harry also isn't a fan of childish pranks, and maybe he's right to be critical of Louis Tomlinson's feud with Naughty Boy. According to the Mirror, there's speculation that the music producer's fight with Louis is just a publicity stunt.

If this is the case, then Louis Tomlinson is giving Naughty Boy exactly what he wants by responding to his incendiary tweets. A rep for the music producer denied that he's tweeting about Louis for attention, and the rep pointed out that Naughty Boy has always posted opinionated tweets about various topics. However, this doesn't explain why he decided to do an interview with the Sun.

Do you think Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne's prank on Niall Horan is evidence that One Direction is stronger than ever, or are you worried because Harry Styles isn't spending time with his remaining bandmates?

[Image credits: Mark Metcalfe/Getty, Liam Payne/Instagram]