Beyoncé’s Love Quotes: ‘Listen’ To Queen Bey’s Dating Advice For Single Ladies

Beyoncé gives love advice to Ester Dean, which Dean quotes during a VH1 interview. Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” was fine and good back then. But, possibly, ladies are tired of being single.

Most people are searching for their special someone. It can get tiring after running into so many who tend to waste time. Regardless of making some songs dedicated to single ladies, Beyoncé has an adept knowledge and experience with love. Likewise, Queen Bey offers her quotes on the topic in an effort to help.

According to Beyoncé’s songwriter Ester Dean, via a VH1 interview, Bey often supports her and her goals. Yet, Beyoncé also gives her advice in certain areas when she has the liberty. Dean says that Beyoncé is a significant part of her life.

“She’s in everything I do. She’s very supportive. Recently, she sat down with me and told me how to get a man and what I should do. I told her all my man goals. She had me figure out what I wanted in a boyfriend. It’s so crazy, ’cause everything I told her I wanted, that’s what my boyfriend is. She would be a great relationship counselor. She’s so cute, I love her.”

When asked what Beyoncé quotes specifically, Ester mentioned as follows.

“She told me to go on [She said] if you’ve been single for too long, get into the habit of speaking to the opposite sex. After so long, speaking to a man could be uncomfortable in a personal way. When speaking to people who might be interested in you, you tend to clam up if you haven’t practiced.”

If you’ve noticed that you’ve been on Beyoncé’s “Me, Myself and I” for too long, it’s easy to find yourself in such a situation. You have to remember that Queen Bey has a mixed demographic. She sings about life experiences from multiple past and present positions, both comfortable and uncomfortable. Being single is both. Being in a relationship is both. Each has their own trials.

Statistically, Beyoncé’s advice could be sound for everyone. According to March 2015 research results, approximately 54.25 million people in the United States are single. And whether single or taken, 41.25 million have tried online dating at some point. Of that vast number, 47.6 percent are women. So, by statistics, the odds seem to lean in women’s favors since there are more men available online, just as Beyoncé’s relationship advice hints.

What are your thoughts about Beyoncé‘s online dating advice? Is it what you’d expect from Queen Bey? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: John Lamparski/Getty Images Entertainment]