Bing Releases Upgraded Summer Movie Guide Complete With Showtimes, Trailers, And Reviews

Bing has released a new summer movie guide complete with showtimes, trailers, and movie reviews. The new searchable movie guide features an attractive and user friendly platform for planning summer movie outings, and it includes a convenient ticket purchase option.

As Search Engine Land reports, the new platform features a carousel style gallery for searching for summer movies

“Bing has upgraded its movie search results, making it easier to find and buy tickets for the latest film releases. A search for ‘summer movie guide’ on the site will return a carousel listing the latest film releases. By clicking on a specific movie, searchers will see prominently displayed local showtimes, links to trailers, cast information and reviews. Moviegoers can also click on a specific movie time to buy tickets for whatever film they want to see.”

Media Post notes that Bing has made these recent upgrades, announced on Friday, based on customer feedback.

“Bing said Friday that it updated its movie search guide on search engine query results to make it easier for moviegoers to find and buy tickets for the latest film releases such as ‘Ex Machina,’ ‘Furious 7,’ ‘Women in Gold,’ and ‘Unfriended.’ The move was prompted by suggestions by users at Bing Listens, a site that allows users to voice their opinions and recommendations on services the search engine offers.”

When searching for summer movies, you must type in “summer movie guide” rather than “movie guide.”

The feature also includes the latest movie reviews and real-time comments via Twitter from people who have already seen your movie.

In the Bing blog announcement, posted Friday, Bing explains that these upgrades were the result of information provided by consumers on Bing Listens, a site that encourages consumer feedback. Bing Listens was launched in March and has obviously proven to be a useful tool. Bing hopes more customers will utilize Bing Listens to give their ideas for customizing and optimizing their Bing experience.

“If you have feedback we want to hear it, just go to Bing Listens and add your recommendations, or let us know what summer movie you’re most excited to watch by tweeting #SummerMovies”

As Bing reports, spring is not too early to start checking out this summer’s blockbuster movies.

“This past weekend we watched as Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow topped the U.S. box office in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ earning nearly $200 million in ticket sales its first weekend. With many more highly anticipated titles on their way, you’re going to want the latest and most relevant information so you don’t miss out.”

As Bing suggests, if you haven’t checked out the new summer movie guide search feature, a movie ticket is a great last minute Mother’s Day gift for an evening of fun.