George Clooney: A Fan Of Miley Cyrus, No Porsche To Be Had From Amal

George Clooney has worked with his share of strong and talented women over the years during his Hollywood stardom and has praised the work of many. Recently, however, Clooney has shared his admiration for a surprising co-star, Ms. Miley Cyrus.

GEorge Clooney and Miley Cyrus have teamed up for a 2015 Christmas special; image via

The 22-year-old worked alongside Clooney in a film which is to be a Christmas TV special for the 2015 holiday season. The film will also star notable actor Bill Murray, and when talking about Miley Cyrus, Clooney had only wonderful words to share; the gushing involved a repetition of the word “fantastic,” as Bang reports the star’s words to Access Hollywood.

”She was fantastic to work with, I’m telling you – like, fantastic and fun and a real pro. Bill Murray and I had drinks a few nights ago and he was just talking about how impressed he was as an entertainer and also just as a – just in general as a pro – how professional she was. I really liked her.”

In addition to George, Bill, and Miley, the Christmas special will also star SNL cast members Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph, and is reportedly directed by Sofia Coppola.

Clooney admits to being friends with the “Wrecking Ball” songstress’ famous father Billy Ray Cyrus and is obviously just as proud to be tied professionally to Miley. The Daily Mail expands on the connection between Clooney and Billy Ray.

“The Ocean’s Eleven star started, ‘So I’ve gotten to know Miley and we have a little Kentucky history together.’ The silver fox actor, whose new film is Tomorrowland, said he is friendly with Miley’s father, singer Billy Ray. Both were born in Kentucky.”

Raving about Miley was a surprising change from Clooney’s usual focus; that being his beautiful wife Amal. George has been unable to stop gushing over the 37-year-old human rights lawyer and honed in on his admiration for her sense of fashion, as ABC News recently reported.

“Since the day I met her — she’s always had this insanely… it’s eccentric but it’s fun, sense of fashion. How she does it while she’s got 11 cases she’s working on?… It’s crazy. It has been sort of fascinating to watch, because she has such great taste.”

Amal has been noted as having great taste in cars as well seeing as it was originally reported that she bought her 54-year-old hubby a Porsche for his birthday. Clooney has snuffed out this rumor and although he admits Amal did purchase something cherished, he was not divulging any details to Access Hollywood reporters.

”Ummmm, I can’t tell you. But it wasn’t a Porsche. Didn’t get a blender, didn’t get a Porsche.”

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